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This recipe is so simple and taste just wonderful, goes perfect with steamed rice. Thoor dhal (Thuvaram paruppu) - 3 tablespoon, Add asafoetida, thoor dhal, fenugreek and red chilly, Grind them in a mixer grinder, with half a tumbler of water, to form a paste, Prepare 4 Tumblers of tamarind water by thoroughly squeezing it. Grind the mix into a paste with little water and a tbsp of tamarind paste. Heat 4 tablespoon of Gingely oil in a kadai/pan in Low flame, Drain the water from brinjal and add this in the pan, Add the grinded paste from the mixie container, Thoroughly mix and allow it to boil for 10 minutes, In a separate pan, heat 1 teaspoon of gingely oil, Add mustard and curry leaves. Learn with detailed video and stepwise pictures. Enjoy this gravy with this 3 minutes rice recipe. Lets turn on the instant pot to saute add 4 tablespoon of sesame oil,add mustard seeds,curry leaves. Let us first make the spice powder paste we are going to stuff inside the eggplant. ennai kathirikkai kuzhambu iyengar. Instant pot breakfast recipes, Instant pot dinner recipes, Instant pot recipes, Instant pot vegetarian recipes ennai kathirikkai kuzhambu iyengar, Your email address will not be published. https://rakskitchen.net/ennai-kathirikai-kuzhambu-recipe-how-to Add 1/4 cup of water and then layer the stuffed eggplant. Ennai kathirikkai kuzhambu iyengar instant pot. Ennai kathirikai kuzhambu | Ennai kathirikai recipe | Chettinad ennai kathirikai. If you find the gravy too thick add some water and cook in saute mode until you get desired consistency. Tightly press the brinjal to close and seal. The baby eggplants are cooked in tamarind sauce and stuffed with spice powder. Kathirikai Ennai Kuzhambu is a traditional gravy made with base as brinjal, that can be served well with steamed rice for a meal or with dosa or idli for breakfast. Chop each brinjal into 4 pieces (The pieces should not fall apart). Switch on the instant pot and turn on 'saute mode'. Our Stuffed Indian eggplant gravy (or) Ennai Kathirikkai kuzhambu is ready to serve with rice or roti or naan. You can stuff the eggplant with your favourite spice combination. Allow mustard to burst, Kadhamba sambar saadham (kadamba saadham), Paruppu Thuvaiyal (Paruppu Thogayal / Dhal Thuvaiyal). As this ennai kathirikai recipe is a Chettinad style gravy, this is so popular and favorite veg gravy for many people in Tamil Nadu. Ennai kathirikkai Kulambu is our family’s favourite. Now we have the stuffing and eggplant ready to make the gravy. Have it … Ennai Kathirikai kuzhambu is a traditional and conventional kuzhambu in Tamilnadu. Authentic and Traditional South Indian Iyengar recipes, Looking for authentic iyengar recipes without onion garlic...this seems to be a nice site. Ennai Kathirikai Kulambu is a very famous recipe of Tamil Nadu served as a side dish for Biryani, It also goes excellent with rice, chapathi and idli. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Nithyaskitchn on the Seasoned Pro Theme, Stuffed indian eggplant gravy (or) Ennai Kathirikkai kuzhambu. The baby eggplants are cooked in tamarind sauce and stuffed with spice powder. I made this on Mother Day since my amma also like this recipe very much. Start stuffing the mix inside the eggplant. https://www.cookclickndevour.com/ennai-kathrikai-kuzhambu-recipe Rated 4.7 /5 based on 36 reviews It is nothing but stuffed brinjals in tamarind sauce or can be called stuffed brinjal kulambu. Switch of the instant pot and let it cool down. Primary Sidebar. Now let us how to make this Stuffed Indian eggplant gravy (or) Ennai Kathirikkai kuzhambu in instant pot. In this Stuffed Indian eggplant gravy – ennai kathirikkai kuzhambu iyengar I have made this recipe without onion and garlic. Our Stuffed indian eggplant gravy (or) Ennai Kathirikkai kuzhambu is ready to serve with rice or roti or naan. … If anyone has not tried it before, then do give it a try as I am sure you will love this South Indian Ennai kathirikkai Kulambu very much. Ennai kathirikai kuzhambu is a popular Chettinad style brinjal gravy served with rice for lunch.

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