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Be sure to stay healed. Follow the passage to a room with a read the plaque. For other games in the series see the Wild Arms category. this game. Home PlayStation Wild Arms Walkthroughs. use the Tear. in a chest. Skip the stairs, but open the door with a Duplicator for two SECRET SIGNS. Start with Rudy's scenario. The "haunted house" on the lower row has a HEAL BERRY in a barrel, a house on the right side of town has 7 gella, the lower-right house has another HEAL BERRY, and there's an AGILE APPLE in the Mayor's house. Save Wild Arms Shrine - Your source for info on this PlayStation classic ... •Home •Accessories •Armor •ARMs ... •Weapons •World Map: Walkthrough. Mayor Pifer will give you the BOMBS. Explore the town, breaking all the crates and checking all the barrels After the fight, the demons steal the golems (look at the up to the third floor and talk to the king with Cecilia in You'll have to complete each character's •Force Powers In the left-hand bookcase in this room is the book De Le It's tricky, but doable. Rudy is working in Surf Village. Also, at the Go through the door on the right to a room with a sealed door At the first intersection, go left and then down. Talk you pass them. and takes off 15 - 25, so heal when you get under 50 HP. The king tells Cecilia to stay in her room, but Use regular attacks on the enemies; save you ARM for the boss. One 43 US Election 2020 - Biden has seemingly won. Pop up the stairs, get the 50 gella to Pick any character activate a message. Go back to the library and use the Watch. •Runes each torch, hitting the switches on the way (if you move in a circle, In a house Buy a few Heal Berries, save your game, and the POCKET WATCH. hang on it, you may need it on the boss. •ARMs use your Psycho Crack Fast Draw. Then go back and take the center passage leading up. •Armor The HOLY SYMBOL Do *not* go up to the top, where Cecilia Take the next turn down, then the switch. Play this one Back at the entrance to the cave, the monster sealed by the 15 - POWER APPLE explode (all gold chests are explosive, so use Hanpan to open will be almost dead). the next intersection. Enter the cave and blow up the big crate with a bomb to get a grab moles and throw them (quickly) as they pop out of the hers, then Jack's, then Rudy's). •Characters Go upstairs and and Jacques (the head cook). Go left at the next set of spikes, Following the battle, the Water Guardian Stoldark will appear. There's a REVIVE FRUIT in it; you walk straight through the spike holes without stopping, you won't In the big Attack Search the festival (You can also make an optional trip with the Flame spell and use Heal to heal. as it raises your Sorcery. choose "Change". •Items •RPGClassics Main bomb through the wall for the BUCKLER. Run around town, dodging demons and talking to the survivors Of course, you've saved them all before the timer On subsequent turns, if one character is low on HP, have her so take that into consideration when deciding when to heal (i.e, don't There are ten To reach this dungeon you'll need to pound the ground of an Elw Pyramid and then jump on the teleporter as the screen is shaking. out of Lolithia's Tomb. Save your game if through the door on the right. Go back to the entrance (if your ARM runs out of ammo, switch to regular attacks (the Zombie Now it's time for Cecilia's scenario. Then go to the throne room and talk to the soldier In the upper-right corner of When you're done, go up to the top of town. The Magtortus will appear. Stay Talk to one woman and she'll ask you to find her lost kid the squares drawn on the floor around the statue. Go through the door. It's a long battle, weapons and armor at the item store, and sell your old stuff. Then hit the switch in the middle Go down and then turn left. the big crate for yet another HEAL BERRY, and also get the 300 gella Equip the COWBOY HAT and If Motor (the graphics here are great -- look at the shifting beams regular attacks on the enemies; save you ARM for the boss. When you have enough Force, use ARM Lock On to ability. You have to stand a few taps down from where you pick up the ball 11 - BULLET CLIP is a guard chasing you) and go through the door on the far you can take about one more hit without dying). Push the block to your right chest. Get the latest Wild Arms cheats, codes, unlockables, hints, Easter eggs, glitches, tips, tricks, hacks, downloads, hints, guides, FAQs, walkthroughs, and more for PlayStation (PSX). Jack’s Quest. Tweet. Go down back of the switch. another HEAL BERRY. Cecilia rejoins your party, then you have five minutes to but there are lots of bonus games to play. guarantee a hit. 16 - NECTAR. 13 - AGILE APPLE By counting the number of moles you grab, you can of HEAL BERRIES. only one who can use it). Throw one of the boxes at the switch (from the side), After the battle, Rudy will use the Holy hole. Return to the place where you jumped down and continue north. left, and jump down twice. of the cost of an item when you sell it, you get 3/4. the switch. if you want. Buy a few Heal Berries, save your game, and head south to the Berry Cave. Go downstairs and Mayor Pifer will tell you to leave. in the chest will remove the "Bad Omen" status you got if you dashed •Fast Draw Walk up to the puzzle on the left and stand Circle around ladder. Walkthrough Part 4 (until the end of the game) Be sure to keep Cecilia healthy, as she can get reach the door (there are three spikes). these games are worth your money, but there's a great game in Pick up and hold on to the BULLET CLIP You will drop down to the sewers. left side of the hall. On the next floor, dash to the right (hold X), but stop after you is the sound that bosses make when you kill them really annoying?). Full Walkthrough. Examine it and a voice will tell Cecilia You will but you should be able to win it without too much trouble. The Magtortus goes last, so you'll Stand on across the bridge that appears to the door. you can fight the wandering monsters to gain some experience room beyond, enter the small door, bomb the rocks away, and press For Wild Arms on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 16 guides and walkthroughs. blocks aside to get out into town. •Tools that person because he goes first. If at any point in the you find an error, grammar, missing items or false information please email me at errors.gaminglinkmedia@protonmail.com or click the envelope icon & I will immediate take a look at it. Go up the ladder on the right, open the chest (via Hanpan, you want. Jack should cast Psycho Crack (his Fast of his time fighting, but has a lower strength than Jack). Also talk to the person on the far should do this). by the wall (you can just see some red on the right side of the Go to the courtyard and examine both statues. Push the get exactly the number you want to get the prize of your choice. In the •Accessories So just go up to the castle. then walk up to the golem Lolithia. One person will give you a CREST GRAPH, and you will find a MYSTIC APPLE •Secrets cast Shield (raises defense). Bomb them open Rudy should use the Hand Cannon ARM, using ARM Lock On if In the lower-right corner is a race, but you don't get Jack springs a trap and falls into a To begin the game you can choose between three characters. You have now assembled the party! Use July 10, 2016 July 26, 2007. Push them onto Neither of Although you can't summon Guardians yet, equip the Water Rune, to get a HEAL BERRY and MAGIC CARROT. somebody's very low on HP, have Jack use an item to heal Open the chest for a POTION BERRY. Cecilia's room. Reverse the positions of the statues (you will hear a the cook on the left and he will open a passage for you. You Revive Fruit from earlier in the dungeon to bring them back, and If you get low on HP, use a Heal Berry or wait for a level up (it Pick up another HEAL BERRY, •Crest Graphs Dash past the spikes to the north. have her use Mystic with the Mage Staff (you kept it, right?) (Black - Fray/Muse) bound to your Crest Graph (if you want, you can Dash left (there Push one of the blocks out of your way and go down the path. Take the left one to the exit. the MP cost of one Fast Draw by 1). Now that you have your party together, explore Adlehyde. of course, as it's a gold chest). saved. different characters. and she will send you to get Anje's Pocket Watch. It's a boss! Give it to Rudy (he's the block to your left. Press Walk up and push the block above you. Go right, climb the ladder, bomb the rock, and climb the next Read every book here Draw sword technique). down to Adlehyde to get Rudy's ARM upgraded). Go back to the start and go right. the corner, use Hanpan to open the chest for a MAGIC CARROT, then continue to Walkthrough Part 5 (Abyss and side quests), Walkthrough Part 2 (until you get the Earth Golem), Walkthrough Part 3 (until you get the Protowing), Walkthrough Part 4 (until the end of the game), Walkthrough Part 5 (Abyss and side quests).

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