what is the conjugate acid of hso3

Hydrogensulfite is a sulfur oxoanion. 0 0. so3-2 the conjugate pair of an acid or a base will have one Hydrogen difference. 2. Conjugate Acid: An acid-base reaction is a special chemical reaction between two reactants that involves the transfer of a proton. When lithium oxide (Li. 2 Answers. Our tutors rated the difficulty of Give the conjugate acid and base of HSO3-?a) H3SO3, SO32-b) ... as medium difficulty. Answer: O. 2 –) with water. In this case, sulfurous acid has two protons to … Favorite Answer. O) is dissolved in water, the solution turns basic from the reaction of the oxide ion (O. It is a conjugate base of a sulfurous acid.It is a conjugate acid … The compound to which the acid donates a proton acts as a base. It has a role as a human metabolite, a Saccharomyces cerevisiae metabolite and a mouse metabolite. What is the conjugate acid of HSO3⁻ ? The conjugate base of bicarbonate, HCO 3- is carbonate, CO3 2-.. HCO3- is a conjugate acid, H 2 CO 3 H2SO3 is the conjugate acid. Still have questions? 4 months ago. What is the difficulty of this problem? 3) OH⁻ 4) H2SO3. E) H2 , A strong base like the H– ion accepts a proton and holds it so firmly that there is no tendency for the conjugate acid H2 to donate a proton. Get your answers by asking now. Solutions of bisulfite are typically prepared by treatment of sulfur dioxide with aqueous base: SO 2 + OH − → HSO 3 − HSO 3 − is the conjugate base of sulfurous acid, (H 2 SO 3), which does not exist in the aqueous phase. Violet Valentine. The conjugate base of the acid will be the compound that reforms the acid by accepting a proton. 4 months ago. … 5) SO32- to find the CA .. just add a H+ H2SO3 is the CA. What is the conjugate acid of HSO3-? If you need more Conjugate Acids and Bases practice, you can also practice Conjugate Acids and Bases practice problems. Acid-base reactions. Ask Question + 100. Relevance. Group of answer choices: 1) H3O+ 2) H2O. 0 0. david. Lv 7. Answer Save. The bisulfite anion. what is the conjugate acid for C6H5CO2^- As you know, the conjugate base of an acid is determined by looking at the compound that's left behind after the acid donates one of its acidic hydrogen atoms. what is the conjugate acid for HSO3^-what is the conjugate base for HSO4^-what is the conjugate acid for SO4^2-what is the conjugate base for H3PO4. what is the conjugate acid for H2PO4^-what is the conjugate base for C6H5CO2H. D) I guess that it is HCO3 - , so conjugate acid is H2CO3. Hence, H2 is a very weak acid. Conjugate acid is ion that arises by receiving a proton (H+) , so: A) HSO3 - B) CH3NH3+ C) HOH --> H2O. Thanks in advance! In both cases identify the conjugate acid– base pairs. The conjugate base for HSO3- is SO32-. Write the reaction that occurs, and identify the conjugate acid– base pairs.

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