what are st croix sheep used for

Over the years, we have shepherded several breeds of sheep, and we have found the St. Croix to be low-keyed (not flighty) easy-keepers in comparison, not requiring clipping and shearing, tail-docking, vaccinations, dewormers, nor dehorning. serve basis, ready to be introduced to your existing breed or to begin We have both rams and ewes available for sale on a first come/first months[9] = "September"; The sheep were placed in a pen for a week, then released into the pasture with the dogs.   Products and Farm Tours // -- end hiding. St. Croix ewes are wonderful mothers, often birthing twins and occasional triplets. Ratgraphics   The size of the ewes in the U.S. averages 119 pounds, while the rams average 163 pounds. year = year + 1900; easy-keepers in comparison, not requiring clipping and shearing, | St. Croix ewe's lambs show high fertility at 6-7 months of age. | They are very well adapted to the Kansas summer Goose Goodness heat and humidity and grow a layer of wool for Kansas winters, but shed months[11] = "November"; date = today.getDate() The St. Croix sheep are introduced to our Turkish Boz Shepherds for the first time. days[1] = "Sunday"; Within a few hours, they were all one well-adjusted family. These sheep were the basis of the present St. Croix breed in the U.S. On the Island of St. Croix, they come in shades of brown, white and black. Over the years, we have shepherded several breeds This is one reason that the St. Croix breed has become popular for the small farm breeder. // -- made by A1javascripts.com, please keep these credits when using this script document.write (" "+ day + Farmer Debbie, aka the American Lamb Lady month = months[today.getMonth() + 1] St. Croix, which were brought into the United States from the tropical Good Temperament – Because of the docile temperament of rams and ewes, they are easy to handle and manage. year=today.getYear(); by Mature rams have a lion-like mane. http://www.sheepandgoat.com/articles/hairsheep.html. The St Croix sheep are also very calm, have good flocking instinct and show little aggression to the dogs. Both Sexes Polled – Both rams and ewes do not exhibit horns. We have glided through our first two lambing seasons without a single lost lamb out of 16. days[2] = "Monday"; The Boz have shown to have the lowest play prey drive of all that I have utilized so far. With enhanced Predator Control from the Turkish Boz Shepherds, the St Crois will hopefully thrive and reproduce. Contact Farmer Debbie for Grass-Fed Farm days = new Array(7) months[8] = "August"; St. Croix Sheep For Sale it in the spring for the local birds to use as nests. today = new Date(); day = days[today.getDay() + 1] It is advantageous to have an area or pens in a barn or in the open that can be used as a corral to sort and manage animals. Their rugged toughness reminds me of the Boz and Kangals, which is something I admire. They have a smooth hair coat in summer. months[2] = "February"; A few of our St Croix have some Dorper blood, and carry some black. Qualities that attracted us to the St Croix is their legendary resistance to parasites, browsing abilities, high reproduction rate and ruggedness. People looking for purebred and crossbred sheep are noticing the useful qualities of the St. Croix sheep. months[6] = "June"; Chevon/Cabrito/Goat 2014 This change is in part due to the ongoing drought, and the expense of feeding cattle year around.

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