weird coincidences you have experienced

edited 5 years ago. A few years ago I into a cab heading out for the evening in downtown Toronto. ", "Our intention was 'something out of the ordinary.' Insane experience. Awesome story, those pastry shops were so good, I'd always eat the strawberry tarts and they were so delicious. I barely left the driveway :(. Obsessed with travel? Found this guy in a small patch of trees in the middle of the city! We became friends and we both loved cricket, and we practiced a lot together. 5 years later in University dorms, one of my friends from the school I went to in Dubai ended up also choosing this university was placed in my residence house and same floor and even the same hall, only a few doors down. My dad and I were giving him a lift home after we were practicing and dad asks, "where were you born?" ", "I asked for anything to do with my best friend who died by suicide two years ago, and I saw a raven. It's called synchronicity. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. I was going to a My Chemical Romance and Blink-182 concert back in college. "ANEB is a Quebec nonprofit organization that helps connect people struggling with EDs to clinics, and they also have their own helpline. Synchronicity Forums Butterfly 2020-06-24T08:12:09-04:00. You are gathered here today for another round of creepy Randonautica adventures that people have experienced during ... an adventure to the location and see if you spot any weird coincidences. What's even crazier is that you met them AND happened to have this conversation. Many hours later and having moved around the city quite a bit I am ready to call it a night so flag another cab. ", "I didn't think this app was legit. He hasn't found a phone but I start looking anyways and sure enough there it is, jammed in the seat. It dropped a feather. He is looking down at a map when he hears, "Hey Tom, how the hell are you?" He recommended a clinic. Search for: Forums; Articles; About Us; Contact Us; Login; Home; Search for: Synchronicity Forums Have You Ever Experienced Strange Coincidences? So yeah, I really can't explain this one. A year later, Christmas day, they take their vacation to Machu Picchu. ", "My girlfriend and I asked for treasure. Fast forward to 17 years of age, a new kid at school had just moved from a nearby town. "I knew you'd come back.". At the top right it says 'bigorexia is being stuck in excessive exercising.'". My biggest coincidence story has a bit of Dubai in it too though not as crazy as yours. I mean what are the chances? It was me who they witnessed being mugged. I love this. ", "My intent was to get direction in my current search for a new job. That could've been the plot for How I Met Your Mother and I would've been thoroughly entertained. Visit the Photoplasty and Pictofacts Workshop to get in on it. What are the odds of randomly meeting up on a beach in Thailand a year later? They described an incidence the year before of turning a corner and seeing a white guy being mugged and a shopkeeper rescued him by hitting one of them over the head with a bat. Her name was 'Joy. ", "My intent was 'alien.' I spoke to my doctor about seeking treatment to win this battle. '", "My intention was for an adventurous journey. Shortly after being dropped off I realized i left my phone in the cab. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. That was one of the most posh things I've ever read on Reddit lol. I live in Australia and I have for almost my whole life but I was born in Dubai. She had said if she were to have a spirit animal it would be a raven. I went in to pee and as I was peeing I put a reminder on my phone to call the clinic. At the time i didn't know why. Have you ever experienced a weird or strange coincidence? ", Here are some of the eerie stories people have posted in the, "It was my first time Randonauting. I lived in Dubai for 2 years and then moved back to Canada. Have you ever been a witness to a miracle? My Year of Coincidences. July 30, 2019; Cracked pays people to make smart memes. Like most sane people, you've probably concluded that the world around us is completely random. This is probably my favorite one of them all, and I have been reading this thread on and off at work for the past few hours. I felt at peace. I was once mugged by 4 guys on one of the main shopping streets of Nairobi, Kenya. Reporting on what you care about. Real Stories. ", "I have an eating disorder. ", "My intent was closure. And this blew me away, here we were 16 years later, halfway across the world, and I every weekend I sat in front of his parents and ate what they made for me. By Rob Cockerham | July 6, 2014. Apparently my copy of the book had been at my school before. I called the cab company but because I had flagged the cab and paid cash they had no real way of knowing which cab I was in. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! My thought was 'peace' and it brought me here. I tried calling it with no luck. You Won’t Believe The Coincidences These People Have Experienced We use the term ‘coincidence’ quite frequently in our daily lives. I once bought a textbook that was the cheapest copy I could find for sale online. ", "My intent was for a sign on how to deal with an ex who came back into my life this week. ". Semester starts, and the prof gives out sheets with study questions that we have to fill in the answers to as we do the reading. They were in the same street, on the same day, at the exact same time I was there. It took us to the middle of a forest and right when we got to the point a huge plane flew over us. I was once mugged by 4 guys on one of the main shopping streets of Nairobi, Kenya. We moved away from Dubai really early on so I don't even remember much. Really it's pretty crazy if you think about it. It took me to the middle of nowhere on a dirt road. However, we don’t usually get to experience truly magical coincidences that we want to share with our friends or people around us. I manifested the word 'love' and got sent to this side entry of a cemetery. The answers to the study questions and nothing else.I did check and the questions he gave us were not available online that I could find. Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! I noted that it had minor underlining scattered throughout it. Skip to content. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Every weekend in Dubai my mum would take me to the Hilton beach club and sit me in front of the pastry chef and eat. I exited the bathroom and this poster was right in front of me. And the conversation continues and I say I was too etc. Disclaimer: the following post has discussions of suicide and eating disorders. This is where my younger brother is buried, who passed away two and a half years ago. An American friend of mine by the name of Tom took his family on vacation to check out Antarctica. Then I manifested a fridge and...WTF. Guess what was underlined in the book? Examining all of the weird coincidences I experienced in the last 12 months. After the concert we hail a cab and I get in, feel a brown paper bag at my feet and look down. I then pulled up to this old abandoned mansion where 'religious retreats' apparently happen. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. You’re thinking about an old friend that you haven’t seen in years, then receive a phone call from them a few seconds later.

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