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Cheddar remains the country’s favourite, accounting for just over half of all nationwide cheese sales. The total number of UK dairy cows has fallen from 2.6 million in 1996 to 1.9 million in 2018, a 27% reduction. Trade association for the UK dairy supply chain and brings together processors, dairy co-operatives, manufacturers, farmers and bottled milk buyers MEMBERS LOGIN THE VOICE OF THE UK DAIRY INDUSTRY Hot on the heels of milk, comes great British cheese.,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 12:08. The figures speak for themselves: there are 13,000 active dairy farmers producing over 14 billion litres of milk each year, worth a staggering £8.8bn at wholesale level. The total number of dairy cattle in the UK is over 3.2 million. The largest commercial deliverer of milk in the UK has around 500,000 customers; there has been a recent upswing in demand for door deliveries. Only 3% of milk in the UK is delivered to the door. That’s not all – some milkmen and women have diversified their businesses and now offer everything from cheese and eggs to water and even compost! If you provide delivery services and would like to be listed on our website, contact Dairy UK now to discuss membership on: 0207 405 1484. With generations of dairying know-how behind them, they are highly competitive and growing export opportunities. Cheese lovers can enjoy over 700 named British cheeses! Britain’s dairy industry, renowned for its quality, is well placed to grasp the opportunities that increasing global demand for milk and dairy products provides. International prospects for dairy are excellent, with economists forecasting the trade in cheese, yogurt, butter, milk powders and cream will grow in the coming years. Country where parent is based: Canada … Quality and Safety of Dairy As incomes rise in many of these countries, the desire of the middle classes in particular to have dairy is increasing. Around 3% of the UK’s fresh milk is delivered directly to the doorstep by milkmen and women. 1 As cows must give birth to a calf in order to produce milk, there is also over a million dairy calves born in the UK each year. The high-quality cheeses our members produce find their way into the fridges of 94% of UK adults. Dairy UK is also at the forefront of other important work in this area, such as protecting food names and setting standards on food composition. Britain eats around 2000 tonnes of cheese a day. Dairy product retail in Britain The produced milk was sold at a retail price of 59 pence per liter of milk in the twelve months ending in March of 2018. Log in for industry news, positions statements and committee communications. Other groups like the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board and the regional Farming Unions speak on farming issues and can help you if you want to know about issues like animal welfare, farming systems or other farming related issues. In the UK, we are particularly good at processing and distributing liquid milk, with almost 7 billion litres each year ending up on doorsteps, supermarket shelves and in restaurants or cafes. However, Dairy UK has strong connections with the farming side of the dairy sector. The dairy industry in the United Kingdom is the industry of dairy farming that takes place in the UK. The developing world consumes two-thirds of the world’s fresh dairy produce.

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