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Probably not. Don’t get me wrong, you should be creative and unique, but if your travel blog name is eight words long, I’d rethink it! Learn how to create content that people actually want to read, how to drive thousands of readers to your site each day, and how to monetize your travel blog here: Travel Blogging Success. Numinous: a Latin phrase that means being awe-inspired and shocked by the things that are in front of you. Once you’ve decided on your blog niche, it’s time to start creating your brand. Why would they want to read my blog? The first step is to invite them to your website. Or every travel blog name idea you are able to come up with just sounds silly, or too long, or too boring. Solivagant: a word derived from Latin meaning to wander and travel the world alone. We are a photography, filmmaking and travel writing team willing to bring you our adventures and misadventures through visual storytelling. Unfortunately, changing your travel blog name is not an easy fix. Words like seafarer, wanderlust, expedition, voyage. This is called SEO or search engine optimization. Again, there are far better services out there for this and as a new blogger, you don’t need this. Where do you go when you need to escape your current place? The Expert Vagabond is a clever pairing of two words that you wouldn’t ordinarily see together into a fun blog name. We are Mike & Laura, full-time travelers and part-time RVers. Unique Blog Names We respect your privacy. You are a loner who relies on his/her own devices and prefers to, ← Travel Agency: How to Start Your Own Agency, 20+ Travel Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers, Travel Agency: How to Start Your Own Agency. All of these thoughts are a perfect place to start. I was so hung up on picking through travel blog names that I couldn’t focus on actually launching my blog. I mean, you come up with the perfect name for a travel blog, only to find out its already taken by another blogger. However, only you can keep them interested by filling your posts with the massive energy of your travel experience. I’ll list them under certain categories, before considering what (in my opinion) makes them so good. If the best times in your life were and are during your travels, then read no further. Adventure (noun): an … Below, I’ve listed several examples of unique and foreign words that relate to travel. Hopefully, it will make your readers world-savvy one day, too. Did you know, Mike and I took our travel blog from $0 per month to over $4000 per month within 6 months? If this is you, then you shouldn’t blog under your real name. When you’re ready to post it, show the audience on whose side you are with this amazing blog name. If you rank higher in a Google search, you’re bound to generate exceptionally more traffic to your website. Follow the same steps we took to transform our blog into a six-figure business. Get inspired from this list of blog name ideas. Suggest grandeur and adventures, but also make it light-hearted, and hint at the witty engaging writing style. Required fields are marked *. I write about everything travel related.”, In order to have a successful travel blog, start by thinking: “what can I offer my readers? Sobremesa: a Spanish word that describes a time when the meal is finished but conversation is still going. Now it is up to you to check which domains are free and grab this blog name fast. Update 2020: Due to how popular this article has become, I have decided to keep this article alive and will continue to add more beautiful travel blogs as I discover it. Nothing sells a blog as its name, so make sure you grab your readers’ attention with the first word they see – its title. Travel Blog Names List: A Selection of the Best Travel Names for Blogs. Now I’m definitely not telling you to copy your favorite travel bloggers because ultimately that won’t set you apart from the competition. Travel Blog Names. Have you done some research on your niche to see if other people are Googling those topics? Moving on though. With a travel blog name like this, readers will beg for more posts.

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