talpirid mole trap

The trap's yellow foot pedalmakes setting "hands free." 0; The mole trap is designed to be hands-free with a low profile. The trap has a low profile, when set, as it sits close to the ground. Toll Free: 877-684-7262 Int'l: 860-844-0101 My Account. Talpirid mole bait looks like worms, one of the main food sources of moles. The product arrives ready to use for easy baiting. The trap can be easily and safely disengaged and relocated to other mole tunnels, depending on mole pressure. Talpirid Mole Trap by Bell Laboratories is a powerful mole trap made of heavy-duty nylon material with the latest trap technology and is ideal for mole control. - Talpirid Mole Trap (WCS787280) Talpirid Mole Trap from Wildlife Control Supplies. The combination Talpirid mole bait and traps is designed to work together to quickly eliminate any problem with moles. The Talpirid Mole Trap is designed for safe, easy use! Talpirid mole bait is the first and only bait designed and developed to effectively eliminate moles without the use of traps. The yellow foot pedal springs up making notification of capture easy and safe. TalpiridMole Trap features dual springs for maximum power and curved jawsthat scoop moles for improved capture. Bell offers the pest and nuisance wildlife control industry the latest in mole trap technology with the new TALPIRID More Trap. To use the trap is simply set over the mole tunnel and step on. The trap has dual springs and curved jaws which deliver a strong snap and improved improved catch of moles trespassing on the land. The trap can be disengaged and moved to other locations if necessary. ACCOUNT CONTACT MY CART.

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