super monkey ball 2 master extra

You will be by another lot of holes. It is very slow so just lean against the wall and wait until a hole big enough for you to through. One may extrapolate from this description that it was behind the times. Just try to get in the green goal so you can skip another hard one. Try to get into the goal before you get bumped into your death. Numerous members of the community have made their own custom level packs for the game. It is easy if you know the trick. Be at the top where it shows what controller number it is and not where the memory card goes. This level is a Nintendo© GameCube© that revolves around on its different sides. Master can be entered as the difficulty select in this game, unlike Super Monkey Ball 1 where it was treated more like Expert Extra Extra. This is breathtaking! Try to get in the goal before the goals go back in the ground. But if you want to become a true warrior of the Super Monkey Ball 2's mazes, you will have to complete Master Mode AND Master Extra … For Super Monkey Ball 2 on the GameCube, Master Extra Mode FAQ by GForce9x. They get smaller as you go down. It is usually the hardest difficulty before going on to Master and consists of very challenging stages. Floors 1-4, 10 and 21-25 are from Super Monkey Ball and Floors 5-9, 20 and 26-29 are from Super Monkey Ball 2. My suggestion is to try to make the seesaw steep on the bottom and run to the top making it to the next seesaw. No, it isn't hard because you have to complete the level with a stinky smell (Sliced Cheese, get it?). You will get dizzy, trust me. There is a long path with many balls going down. You can't fall into the green goal because it is on its side. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. You can skip the whole thing by falling off of the top before is goes down to try and get the blue goal. But, why not stay a little bit? The GameCube© will open and a goal will be inside. Now you can give yourself a pat on the back and a rest. This stage has its own background, floor pattern and music. Like Monkey Ball before it, hindsight revealed it to be an active rebellion against the direction AAA gaming was heading at the time. 5: You are at the top! Floor names in italics are from Super Monkey Ball 2. It reappears in Super Monkey Ball as Master Stage 9, and reappears in Deluxe with the name "Bridge Master". You have now completed all of Super Monkey Ball 2!!! You have made it this far. SUPER MONKEY BALL 2 brings a new brand of fun with six new party games, six modified party games, a new Story Mode, and 150 new Main Game stages. Then, you will be at the second slice of cheese. In Super Monkey Ball Jr., the player does not need to go through Expert to unlock its Master stages, as they are unlocked via Play Points. This is the last level of all of Super Monkey Ball 2! Master 3 is noted as one of the hardest stages in the series. Hurry and go through the goal! You will need to follow every direction in order to complete the level. Then you'll have to start the stupid level all over again. These are the hardest levels in the entire Monkey Ball world! The Expert Extra Floors must be beaten without using a continue to unlock this difficulty mode. You are now their friend. There is a flat circle with many holes in there. There are many platforms that spin around and bump you into the air. Now it will revolve in this order: 1: Go straight. The Expert Extra Floors must be beaten without using a continue to unlock this difficulty mode. Ignore them. In Super Monkey Ball 2 and Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, after reaching the Master Floors, they can be played without having to go through the expert stages at any time. You have completed everything here. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It is one of the hardest levels in the Super Monkey Ball series. Try to be by the buttons which open the GameCube© disk insert area. This... is just a level of luck. Or, you can venture your way down by staying at the right position for a long time to get the the blue goal or get the green goal. 3: Go straight. Once you passed the second slice of cheese, I'd suggest you collect the bunches of bananas and head to the goal. All others are exclusive and make their debut in Deluxe. Instead of the other one, this one goes counterclockwise and goes much faster. Congrats to you! Not much to say. Classic Party Games a) Monkey Race 2 b) Monkey Fight 2 c) Monkey Target 2 d) Monkey Billiards 2 … They try to trick you into going on it to lose a life. Expert is a difficulty level in the Super Monkey Ball series. For Super Monkey Ball 2-Pack on the GameCube, GameFAQs has 33 cheat codes and secrets. Master Extra Mode. That is the first slice of cheese. You are now on the Master Extra levels! This is one that I can explain a little. Super Monkey Ball 2 Secrets Contents 1.Party Games 2.Gifts 3.Extra Levels 4.Master Mode and Master Extras 5.Glitch Floor _____ #1 Party Games To get extra party games you need to play story mode or challenge mode to get play points. 1 Monkey Ball 1.1 Floors 1.2 Extra Floors 2 Super Monkey Ball 2.1 Extra Stages 3 Super Monkey Ball 2 3.1 Extra Stages 4 Super Monkey Ball Adventure Monkey Ball features 50 floors, along with 10 extra floors. This is the last level of all of Super Monkey Ball 2!

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