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For sweet pairings, Berrigan recommends sipping cider with pancakes at brunch or fruit-based desserts after dinner. It’s a little more floral and wine-like, thanks to subtle tannic qualities, and smells like a carnival candy apple. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Basque ciders are a bit different from American ciders, as they are produced without added sugars or carbonation. On the tongue, it’s savory, floral and oh so clean. Citizen Cider The Dirty Mayor. A can may contain 164 calories, but we care a lot less about that kind of thing come sweater season. You’d better act fast: It’s only available through mid-October. If you prefer your cider really bubbly or are looking for something low-calorie to drink, try the Sparkling Meyer Lemon or Blood Orange. Count us in. The Best Hard Cider to Try This Apple Season, for Beer Drinkers and Beyond, ACE Craft Ciders/Background: Rawin Tanpin/Eyeem/Getty Images. You’ve probably heard of this Boston cider house by now. It dries your mouth like one, too. Best for fruit lovers (and for sipping on Halloween), Original Sin has been making old-school cider with modern flair since 1996. If you’re looking for something crisp, clean and straight-up apple-y, this bottled beauty won’t disappoint. This Woodstock gem got its name because the foundation of all its ciders is crowdsourced apples from abandoned, wild orchards. Grab a snack, pop a can and get ready to enjoy. "Asian food crushes with hard ciders because of the low ABV and touch of residual sugar," she says. Dunkertons' dry cider is hand-crafted from 14 organically-farmed cider apple varieties with varying levels of sweetness. Take a sip for a juicy burst of flavor (think grown-up apple juice) complemented by light carbonation. Produced in Boston, Downeast Original Blend is loaded with flavors of baked apples, apple skin and sweet earth spice. Redd’s Wicked, which technically isn’t a cider at all, is a high-ABV version of Redd’s Apple Ale and clocks in at 8 percent ABV. Serve with Indian takeout favorites, roasted root veggies or carrot cake for a delectable pairing. This delicious pick from Spain’s Basque region is funky, food-friendly and bone dry. review process here. Sign up for PureWow to get more daily discoveries sent straight to your inbox. In fact, we’d argue that the combo of the cider’s carbonation and its yeasty cider notes make it taste pretty darn close to a real-deal manmosa, only with apple cider instead of beer. Vicki Denig is a wine and travel writer and content creator. You might also just get lucky when perusing your local liquor store. From sipping with sweet brunch favorites to enjoying with fried snacks at happy hour, ciders are some of the most versatile drinks out there. (P.S., the spider design is destined for your Halloween party.). RELATED: Homemade Apple Cider Is Easier to Make Than You Think. © 2010-2020 Wow Media Products, Inc doing business as PureWow. The McIntosh is aromatic, rich and wine-like. Here are the best hard ciders for year-round sipping. "The quality of the fruit, especially when you are making it organically, is crucial." Enjoy this bottle with a variety of snacks, from potato chips to popcorn to dried apple chips. Best for cider lovers craving something different. When beer or wine just won’t do it, the delicious, fruit-based beverage that is hard cider makes a great alternative. The Fuji smells incredibly fresh and goes down bubbly and easily. Doc’s lineup of 10 Hudson Valley ciders (Peach! But the sangria truly wowed us. The wine yeast gives the cider a smell similar to a bright, zesty Pinot Grigio, only with the added bonus of a distinct sweetness thanks to the fruit. Put down the daiquiri and step away from the rosé. When we tried the Wit’s Up, a 6.2-percent session cider, we loved its dryness and wine-like qualities. We taste-tested the goods from 15 cider brands to find the tastiest autumnal picks for every occasion and drinker. The libations are both wine- and beer-inspired, being that they defy cider’s traditional sweet profile and are produced in small batches. And for a savory kick? So, it may be tough to find one at your local liquor store, but they’re also available online for shipping to most U.S. states at select retailers. Woodchuck has been slinging cider since 1991, long before hard cider became commonplace at liquor stores and bars. If you wait all summer long for PSL season, this one’s for you. "When we’re talking about hard cider, it’s very similar to what is important to wine," says Holly Berrigan, co-founder of MYSA Natural Wine. What’s the difference between a hard cider and an ale, you ask? This flagship unfiltered dry cider is super clean, slightly hazy and crisp on the nose, similar to a light Sauvignon Blanc. We also loved the tart, complex Marionberry, which is the most popular blackberry variety in the northwest. New Yorkers can order Collective Arts products on TapRm while other states can try their luck on Drizly. She has a background as a wine buyer and consultant. Their sweetness rounds out the cider’s flavor beautifully. Buy it ($8.99/four-pack, $10.99/six-pack). (Though if you don’t want to age it yourself, spring for the Cidre Reserve, aged in oak for 6 months. It smells like acidic pre-sliced apples that you buy at the supermarket, the kind spritzed with lemon or citric acid to keep from browning. Produced in Walden, N.Y., this cider is like biting into a freshly picked apple: it’s crisp, vibrant, and it keeps your palate salivating for more. It’s like a gorgeously refreshing wine with a dose of apple pie filling. Some events just call for popping a cork. Savory flavors of cinnamon, crisp apple and allspice dominate this delicious drink’s palate. It’s made with bittersweet apples for balance, but it’s actually sweeter than most of the plain hard apple ciders on this list. Low intervention, high acid and all-around deliciousness? Canadian Collective Arts Brewing is beloved for its diverse craft beers, canned cocktails, spirits and ciders, as well as its mission to support emerging artists and musicians. The unfiltered cider is a blend of apples, pumpkin and chai spices and comes in at 5.1 percent ABV. Serve with weekend brunch favorites, salty tortilla chips or tempura-fried veggies for a unique pairing. This refreshing … It’ll cost you 210 calories a can, but we urge you to get over it in the spirit of fall. Each bottle is 5 percent ABV, so you can drink a few on Thanksgiving while keeping your composure with the relatives (hopefully). Their rosé cider is refined and elegant, and it feels more like a sparkling rosé than it does a cider. PureWow may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Crispin‘s almost designed for hot weather. The final result is a crisp, full-bodied, lightly carbonated and dry English cider. When it comes to making Spanish sidra, having a deep knowledge of apples is very important. Golden State Cider adds apple juice to this cider, bringing weight and succulence to the beverage.

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