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Black Panther. Here are the tricks the Cow learns in order : The Neon Cow glows bright pastel pink on its nose, feet, tail, ears, stomach, and all the spots on the Cow. Fleece Flannel Blanket Throw Strawberry Cow Lightweight Super Soft Cozy Luxury Bed Quilt Microfiber Gift for Living Room Bedroom Kids Nursery 50"X40"Blanket for Kids. Flamingo Adopt Me. Reindeer. Bull Adopt Me. Today I expose to you guys how to get your very own pink cow in adopting me I've never seen a cuter pet in adopt me keep watching... Today I expose to you guys how to get your very own, pink cow in adopting me I've never seen a cuter pet in adopt me keep watching to learn how to get your very own strawberry cow, and maybe it'll even give you some strawberry milk, but before we get into it do not forget to slap that like button, leave a comment down below i would just appreciate it so much and subscribe to officially join the peachy squad last and definitely not least make sure you guys use code megan plays when purchasing, robots i am so excited because today i have been working all day on this video guys you guys have no idea like literally, this took me hours and i am going to be showing off, the newest hottest trend and it got me the pink, cow you guys might be wondering megan how do you get this pink cap i want a pink out well first and foremost guys it involves a regular cow from the farm egg you know you remember the farm egg right it was the egg before the aussie egg i'm pretty sure the farm egg was from 2020 if i'm not oh my gosh see i've been working all day my brain is fried i'm pretty sure the farm egg was from 2019 if i'm not mistaken, yes oh my goodness i uploaded my very first video on the farm egg november 13 2019 so first and foremost you're gonna need to collect four cows so guys as you may or may not have suspected the pink cow is actually the neon variant, of the cow from the regular farm egg you know the egg from november, so today i intend to show off the pink cow, and you know kind of all about it pink cows, strawberry cows have been really trendy as of lately, i love a good pink cow prince you guys might not believe me like megan when have you ever talked about a pink cow print, well i attempted to do a pink cow print on some shoes from a real life video i did a while ago it turned out atrocious so i would not doubt if you guys did not see us but today, we are going to get our very own pink out in a dummy slash strawberry cow slash whatever you just want to call it do you, like you know a cow that's different than the regular cow, now you guys might be wondering how i was able to accomplish this in one day even though that kind of sounds like a long time i grinded for it guys i have collected a lot of these cows over time but i did trade for one count the screenshots gonna be up on the screen thank you so much to this user for trading me a cow, so i traded them a like newborn cow and two fly potions for a post-teen cow which i leveled up and now that cow's gone well it's not gone it's in my inventory but, i have raised all the other cows by myself, these babies were really hard to come by just because they're not as you know prominent as like maybe a frost or a shadow dragon like i just don't know too many people who were playing back in november and also like, have these cows we're gonna be continuing to level up our little baby right here, and you know get to the pink account so the easiest way that i found to be able to level up, all of your pets in a timely manner is to use a different account or a friend on a different device i used my cell phone and my megan bff squad account to you know play tag team i i joined a family, i pulled out the cow and then i worked on leveling two cows at once if i you know maybe was a little bit smarter i would have been able to level four cows at once but no, i stuck two i sucked my guns and we only leveled two cows at once wow the world of adami, is really blooming today i mean look at this little cute turtle, with his little glasses as you can see i put a little egg on top of lucky's head i thought that that was super cute oh my goodness guys a completely unhatched, blue egg oh my goodness can i trade for that, oh my goodness not even any interaction set on this blue egg guys like this is a, really rare sight to see i i'm gonna assume that it's like not for trade because, i sent her a trade request and i don't think she's rejected it but she might not be interested in checking it out she isn't a peachy squad though i just i really wonder if she'd be willing to trade that, dream pet is a neon owl please accept my train what if i gave, i don't i don't think i have any now maybe she'd be willing to trade me a couple owls, you know a couple fly potions for the blue, egg that's what i'm offering for guys and i know you guys might be thinking wow that's really dumb you don't want to train owls those are from the farm egg but, guys i really want this blue egg i only have one blue dog and if i could have two blue dogs, i think that would make me really happy maybe i'll even keep the blue egg in its current state i think that'd be really cool okay she declined it i would suspect that she would decline just because that's what you'd want to do if you weren't completely happy with a treat, that girl i don't want to say she's lucky because i don't know how she acquired the egg but i am quite envious of it so i'll say that much waiting waiting waiting like i said i it took me all day because at the beginning of today the day i'm filming this which is the 11th, roblox had a ton of data outages and it didn't leave me a lot of opportunity to play the game and a lot of needs were fulfilling or working properly i know it was a roblox thing, so i've just been waiting oh guys look at unicorn names honey, so cute oh my goodness guys this server is awesome like is this a neon panda i'm pretty sure it is, but i haven't gotten one need since i've been on this server i don't think like i got the school need but literally not another need so i think i'm gonna change servers, and test my luck somewhere else okay i'm really hoping i have better luck with the needs on this server, it's been such a long day guys like i literally started doing this at like two and now it's like 8 p.m if you even saw yesterday's video you saw me working on the cows, six and a half hours later okay i definitely stopped recording because literally it's been 20 minutes and i still, haven't finished leveling up my couch to become a pink, cow i am just so excited so okay okay okay okay okay so we are in the school now and i'm really really really really hoping, that this is going to be the very last task, if i'm being honest i don't think it's going to be i think we need a few more but, that pink cow leave a comment down below right now, what animal you would like to be pink and a dummy imagine guys a pink giraffe we already have a pink cat you know milkshake my favorite, and um a pink penguin i think that'd be so cool, okay okay okay come on please just finish up, so i can get my prize come on oh no i guess i'll see your weight [Music], now i know it's not gonna be this one but it could be, the next one hopefully we get an easy one like eating, or drinking or oh my gosh i actually think we're gonna need two more i am so impatient like i've literally been sitting here and waiting i've been waiting here for like, four minutes with absolutely no task this pg squad member wants to see honey but i'm afraid to take honey out because i'm trying to love this cow you know so here's honey, i just feel like i am the most patient person in the world, oh my goodness like the daytime cycle feels so long oh good, it's turning nighttime guys it's turning night time, come on come on if i'm lucky we'll need a little bit more like literally the only task i got during that entire day cycle, was a shower and to eat literally this has been taking forever like it feels like it's been taking an obscene amount of time, it's like a dummy knows i'm trying to make this happen for myself come on please, please oh my goodness are you kidding me gosh darn it, no so at this point there's probably not going to be any needs, until the daytime when my little baby lucky here wants to shower, i guess i could start brainstorming names for my pink cow, i think strawberry is a little too easy i think a lot of people will probably name their pink out strawberry i just uh let's see, let's um let's uh uh i guess we'll put her in the bath, right now and let's think of names list of names for pink animals starburst that's so cute magenta teddy bella tink after tinkerbell diamond sparkle butterfly dream fluffy angel sunset some of these don't represent pink in my opinion but that's okay, that's my dog's name pinky violet pinkie's cute.

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