storage of milk in dairy industry

The cold storage needs of the dairy industry are in many cases much more essential than that of other industries. Dairy products constitute one of the five main food groups that to-gether comprise a healthy and balanced diet. Sales of unpasteurized milk are rare in countries with a developed dairy industry and often prohibited by law. Pasteurised whole milk: 12–14 days. Transportation companies, retailers and consumers play an important role in the dairy industry. Milk is stored in a great variety of storage tanks, first near to villages as Bulk milk cooling units, then transported by Road Tankers and then to Raw Milk Storage tanks in dairy plants. For example, pasteurised milk will keep for 12–14 days if kept below 4°C, while yoghurt and similar fermented products should remain of a good quality for 30–40 days under the same storage conditions. Image of container, pipeline, milk - 151520812 They contain most of the basic elements neces- sary for children to grow and are an important part of the human diet. The short lifespan of dairy products such as milk when exposed to even mild temperature elevation makes the availability of dairy cold storage solutions such as ours extremely useful in terms of extending this lifespan in the storage and transportation of products. The following lists the typical shelf-life of dairy products in the refrigerator. Storage of milk in steel tanks. Bulk storage is often done in an outdoor setting, for purposes such as the storage of large volumes of milk or silos for grain. Photo about Industrial dairy production. In such cases heat treatment in the milk plant may be considered as an unnecessary expense and not required by law. Milk and dairy products are a vital part of the diet for many people. Further, it may be transported in Rail Tankers to long distances after processing, to large urban centers. Nevertheless, there are some where purchased milk is boiled at home as a common habit even though the raw milk is of a high hygienic standard. So while raw milk prices fluctuate and send shocks through the dairy industry, milk prices have remained pretty steady on retail shelves. The dairy industry includes both large and small diary farms, where milk is first produced. Without proper transportation and storage equipment, the dairy industry would be limited to local markets.

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