silent hill 3 bosses

Bosses Boss Fight 1: Split Worm. Location: Central Square Mall (Alternate) Attack Method: Split Worm has multiple methods of attack. Weapons; Items; Memos; Savepoints; Puzzles; Maps; Costumes; Gallery; Soundtrack; Script; Endings; Walkthrough; Press; Making Of; FAQs; Split Worm. He's extremely easy and is actually spiritually the same as the first boss from Silent Hill. Silent Hill 3 is host to many terrifying enemies that Heather Mason encounters. Split Worm is a giant monster which attacks Heather Mason at Central Square Shopping Center and the first boss encountered in Silent Hill 3. This is the first boss of the game. It is battled in the Otherworld Toluca Lake at the gallows of Toluca Prison in Silent Hill: The Arcade. information; Characters; Enemies; Bosses; Items. Silent Hill 3: Boss' Listing. Brutal_Water: 30: 8/16/2008: GameFAQs Q&A. Here's a look at the 10 scariest enemies/bosses seen in the game! The Flesh Lip, also known as Lustful Lips, is a monster and a boss encountered in Silent Hill 2 by James Sunderland.James meets three of them after Laura tricks him, locking him inside examining room two on the first floor of Brookhaven Hospital.After defeating all three Flesh Lips, James is transported to the Otherworld hospital.. Category:Silent Hill 4 bosses - Silent Hill Wiki - Your special place about everyone's favorite resort town. Douglas in underwear. The following case-sensitive passwords are for the locked doors at the official Japanese site for Silent Hill 3: Room 106 : (this password always changes) Room 209 : esytarlsrayt Room 301 : chsyoins Room 302 : welsbjbb Room 303 : thokifjb Room 304 : kyaoampd Room 305 : csimuzpw Room 306 : mezzossh Room 307 : 120CGC. KingPiccolo: 19: 9/14 8:31AM: Infinite SMG: BlockAddition: 3: 10/21 12:25PM: Frequently Asked Questions about SH3 - Read before posting!! *spoilers* Topic Archived; Page 1 of 2; Last ; More topics from this board... Silent Hill 3 PS2 Weapon & Healing Values: cheezeit: 23: 9/30 7:45AM: Is This game worth Remastering? Silent Hill 3; Final Boss- help!

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