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Hop Pole Studios 986 views These settings were designed to capture specific kick drum sounds and make recording kicks the easiest part of recording drums. The Four Horsemen of the Kick Drum For an even more aggressive sound: while inside of the kick drum, position the mic closer to the beater side of the skin - or place the mic on the other side of the kick pointing towards the beater. (or, "Making A Kick Drum Tunnel"). Tracking Tips: Put a Reflexion Filter On It! Many of these records were made with kick drums without portholes on the resonant side of the drum. This is the standard setting for a more modern rock sounding kit and a good starting point for getting your kick to cut through at live shows without losing low-end 'oomph'. Imagine you have a thick & round-sounding kick like the classic rock records you grew up listening to, and you’re trying to capture that tone in its full glory. “Classic” provides a typical bite in the upper midrange (presence boost) and a more rounded and familiar sound, while “Modern” provides an open, clear and transient-rich top end for a more contemporary, aggressive drum sound - ideal for metal and hard rock. The assortment of kick drum flavors is pretty much infinite. © 2020 sE Electronics International, Inc.All Rights Reserved. This gives you a full, punchy low end with a natural-sounding top end. The sE V KICK was designed for just that: the flexibility needed to capture every kick drum sound out there. Even though these settings were designed for specific types of kick drum sounds, there are no hard and fast rules. Unboxing sE Electronics Drum Mics, Overheads and Ribbons - V Kick, V7X, V Beat, sE8 and VR1 - Duration: 12:19. Experiment with different settings until you find one that satisfies your vision! The V KICK's built-in passive EQ system makes it easy to get the right kick mic sound whether you're in the studio or on the road. The V KICK is the most compact and versatile drum microphone in its class, intended for use with kick (bass) drums and other sources such as miking bass guitar speaker cabinets, floor toms or other large drums where low-frequency energy is of the utmost importance. sE V Kick Wired Microphone. With the right positioning, you can get a very pillowy-sounding kick drum. The sE V KICK was designed for just that: the flexibility needed to capture every kick drum sound out there. There are muted kicks, boxy and resonant kicks, tight kicks, clicky kicks; if you put a sound sensory adjective in front of the word 'kick', chances are that style of kick exists. This setting is also popular for folk and jazz music because of its more natural, less obtrusive sound. You hardly have to do anything to this kick sound for it to fit in a pop or hip hop mix. Kick drums (or bass drums) are one of the most straightforward instruments to mic up, but one of the most complicated instruments to accurately record. But with four different possible EQ configurations and infinite placement options, an unlimited amount of possibilities exist to find your sound. The typical placement is positioning it just inside of the porthole. Whether your desired kick drum sound is soft, aggressive, big, muted, or open-sounding – the V KICK's got you covered. Whether your desired kick drum sound is soft, aggressive, big, muted, or open-sounding – the V KICK's got you covered. Its integrated swivel joint allows for any required mic placement, and its … When using the V KICK in a live setting or on heavy metal tracks, a great starting point is with both the left-hand and right-hand switches on “modern”. The left-hand and right-hand “classic” switches will give you that warm, rounded sound. From warm and classic to modern and aggressive, the V KICK gives you any kick drum sound you need." There are tons of mics out there specifically marketed to record kick drums but many are designed to only capture a designated range of their sound and tonality. If a more contemporary, aggressive sound is desired, the “Modern” setting emphasizes the low end and high end (a “scooped” sound). - The sE Electronics V Kick is a dynamic microphone with a supercardioid polar pattern and is the most compact and versatile bass drum microphone in its class, a solid and exciting addition to the sE Electronics range.

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