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Ishida, Y., 1968, Physiological studies on evolution of dimethyl sulfide from unicellular marine algae, Iverson, W. P., 1967, Disulfur monoxide: production by. Stephens, E. R., 1971, Identification of odors from cattle feedlots. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, Advances in Microbial Ecology Below, we highlight three marine habitats where sulfur cycling is CYCLES OF ORGANIC MATTER IN RESERVOIRS ... Frc. Trudinger, P. A., 1975, The biogeochemistry of sulphur, in: Tukey, H. B., Jr., 1971, Leaching of substances from plants, in: Urone, P., 1976, The primary air pollutants—gaseous. Manning, D. J., Chapman, H. R., and Hosking, Z. D., 1976, The production of sulphur compounds in cheddar cheese and their significance in flavour development. Hitchcock, D. R., 1976a, Atmospheric sulfates from biological sources. Morita, R. Y., 1974, Temperature effects on marine microorganisms, in: Moss, M. R., 1976, Biogeochemical cycles as integrative and spatial models for the study of environmental pollution (the example of the sulphur cycle). Summary This chapter contains sections titled: Nitrogen Cycle Phosphorus Cycle The Sulfur Cycle Web Resources Questions and Problems Further Reading Role of Microorganisms in Biogeochemical Cycles - Wastewater Microbiology - Wiley Online Library 0000014240 00000 n 0000004127 00000 n 0000016090 00000 n Soda, K., Novogrodsky, A., and Meister, A., 1964, Enzymatic desulfination of cysteine sulfinic acid. Carlson, D. A., Leiser, C. P., and Gumerman, R., 1970. Bremner, J. M., and Bundy, L. G., 1974, Inhibition of nitrification in soils by volatile sulfur compounds. Altshuller, A. P., 1973, Atmospheric sulfur dioxide and sulfate: distribution of concentration at urban and nonurban sites in the United States. Bethea, R. M., and Narayan, R. 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S., 1972, Utilization of atmospheric organic volatiles as an energy source by microorganisms in the tropics. 0000044853 00000 n x�b```b``M`�d`�� ̀ �l�,��0 J��&\dePJ�O9P�y�������B�c����E��;�q�ޚ��h��'6�� �}R���Z��Q=�@��׏����j�y�ɩÈ��+��M���#�|!+T���. Pugh, G. J. F., and Buckley, N. G., 1971, The leaf surface as a substrate for colonization by fungi, in: Quammen, M. L., LaRock, P. A., and Calder, J. Maloney, T. E., 1963, Research on algal odor. Challenger, F., Bywood, R., Thomas, P., and Hayward, B. J., 1957, Studies on biological methylation. A preliminary survey of techniques. 0000001833 00000 n Smith, K. A., Bremner, J. M., and Tabatabai, M. A., 1973, Sorption of gaseous atmospheric pollutants by soils. Challenger, F., and North, H. E., 1934, The production of organo-metalloidal compounds by microorganisms. B., 1977, Bacterial sulfate reduction within reduced microniches of oxidized marine sediments, Joshi, M. M., and Hollis, J. P., 1977, Interaction of. Hitchcock, D. R., Spiller, L. 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