red spots on deli turkey

I'm actually guessing that there's probably no harm in eating them (in fact both the processor and one website I looked at noted that if the splashing is minor, it's okay to eat). June 30, 2007 in Cooking. Same thing cold cut turkey or chicken with red spots its safe to eat? My husband purchased some deli turkey today and I opened it and several of the slices have little red spots on it. If anyone knows how I can do this, that would be great. It will make me be more creative with what I do with the meat, so I guess that's the silver lining to the cloud. I did take some pics today. In other words, I don't think that it has to all become dog food. (PS--I LOVE that charcuterie topic.). Of course it has been a very long time, and I am not sure I could even look at a photograph and be able to pass judgement. Mine thinks it's really cool to get a bit of jerky! Welcome to the eG Forums, a service of the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Hope it works. I wouldn't eat it. I've heard everything from brining (draws the blood out) to "that's not fit to eat" to "just cook it up". I would offer those pics to the farmers. with one of the hams, it's just one of the muscles--the others seem clear, the belly seems fine, the fat was beautiful, some of the loin cuts are clear, etc. Powered by Invision Community. So I guess I'm going to be tossing some parts (such a waste! As for flavor when you get into cooking a steak that is bloodshot, you have a more mineral flavor, slight iron, but for the most part it can be masked if the steak is large enough. No need to be pushy. I finally got my organically-raised Berkshire pig today, and I've started cutting it up (so far just into primals for the most part). If it is this blood splashing, the non-spotted parts are fine, and the spotted parts are fine for animal feed (so the dogs will be eating well for a while). And, of course, some input on my earlier questions re: Safe to use in sausage, for dry curing, etc.? Not particularly palatable. Red spots in meat--improperly bled? Red spots on deli sliced turkey? These advertising-free forums are provided free of charge through donations from Society members. I'd agree--bring it back. I think you have enough experience to rule that out, so I would trust your judgement on that. Is it okay, for example to grind the spots into sausage that will then be dry cured? It would be interesting to find out what the effects of curing will have on the ham. Do they add iron flavor? Or is this due to something else (let's hope the blood speckles are not due to some disease, since I ate a sample)? Sometimes these guys get overwhelmed on their butcher days by just the addition of a few extra pigs. I think I've determined the spots are some sort of small-scale bloodshot phenomenon, rather than the larger areas that I've seen in the past. Some parts did not get spotted, as far as I can tell, e.g. That's a great question, and I am looking forward to hearing from someone who really knows what they are talking about. Anyone know if this is a problem? Noooooooooo! I don't know any answers to your butchering questions but those photos bother me a lot ! Welcome to the eG Forums, a service of the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters. It could be red pepper? There is a tutorial to help you; basically you start your post, then go to Image Gullet at the top of the page, establlsh a pig album, bulk upload the images (always use "bulk"), then one at a time, view an image by left click, then "copy image location" by right click; then go "back" to your half done post and add the image by clicking on IMG and pasting the url. Can you get in touch with your purveyour, who might be able to reassure you? I will PM you some information this morning on embedding pics using ImageGullet. I'm adding pics, in case anyone who has more experience can weigh in (two of the spots--one on a loin chop, the other on a trimming of butt/shoulder, and then a third of an obviously bloodshot section of butt). Better safe than sick. Thanks for you help from an amateur butcher! So it all works out. Please don't teach anyone how to embed those pictures! Or cold cuts has gone bad! These advertising-free forums are provided free of charge through donations from Society members.,,,,

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