quinoa vs cauliflower rice

Brown rice doesn't have much, with just 3 per cent of the recommended daily intake, but quinoa provides 12 per cent. Unlike rice, quinoa is not part of the grass family; it is a pseudo-cereals which are non-grasses and are used exactly like true cereals. Quinoa definitely has a greater nutritional value than plain white rice. Micronutrients. If you track your food, or follow a low-carb diet, carb count can be a key factor in weight loss. Like quinoa, cauliflower rice takes on the flavors it’s tossed with, so you can get creative. Riboflavin helps you produce energy … Winner: Quinoa. Cauliflower rice and quinoa are both popular rice alternatives. Quinoa has 39 grams of carbs in a cup while brown rice weighs in with 45 grams. It's a high protein grain with a ton of fiber that will help keep you fuller for longer. Cauliflower rice is simply the raw veggie that’s been ground down to a similar consistency to rice, and cooked in a similar way. Rice has a glycemic index of 73 and a glycemic load of 30. Both brown rice and quinoa contain high levels of different micronutrients. Cauliflower rice vs. quinoa. Winner: Brown rice. Carbohydrates. However, if you're eating the rice with a normal balanced diet with a lot of vegetables and a lean protein, you're getting the same balance. Quinoa has a glycemic index of 53 and a glycemic load of 13.

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