panasonic rice cooker review

The list of Panasonic retailers is endless. You can pour 3,3 cups of rice and get a little more than 6 cups of cooked rice. The basket is part of the Panasonic rice cooker package, just like a measuring cup and a spoon, too. Out of the box, no assembly is required. Without a doubt, it works as advertised. Review & Keep a multi-tasking Panasonic Rice Cooker. Fuzzy logic. The rice cooker has about 2,6 lbs, so you can carry it easily using two handles. Pure and simple it refers to the automatic adjustment of power and cooking time. If you buy on webshops, you may often find rice cookers on discount. It shows that it’s a small and compact device, so you can’t expect much from it. If you doubt which of the reviewed Panasonic rice cookers to buy, I recommend this Panasonic 5-cup rice cooker and this Panasonic multi-cooker. There are also modes for porridge, cake (yes cake), steam, quick cook, and slow cook. Confusing and unclear. Copyright © 2020 Rice Cooker Junkie — Stout WordPress theme by. Well, lets find out in my review of the Panasonic Sr-DF101 rice cooker. Once cooking is complete, a gentle and somewhat soft alarm sounds a few times and the unit goes into the keep warm mode. It’ll handle sticky rice too. This versatile (and rather cute looking) cooker from one of the biggest manufacturers on the planet – Panasonic – cannot be ignore both because of its pedigree and its functionality. The bad news is that the operating instructions manual isn’t super clear if you are an English speaker. If you are looking for a rice cooker to use at your business or you have a large family that loves rice, a commercial rice cooker is the product that can make your life easier. The headquarter of Panasonic North America is placed in Newark, New Jersey. You can certainly compare it quite favorably to much more expensive rice cookers.I wouldn’t think to rate it less than 5 stars. The rice cooker is about 6 lbs heavy. But it’s a great rice cooker for sure. We review the Panasonic SR-CN108 Electronic Rice Cooker. But you can oversee the cooking because the lid is made of glass. The Panasonic fuzzy logic rice cooker did a much better job than the Aroma without any question. The measuring cup which is included in the package is the optimal measuring tool for the rice cooker. You can use it to begin cooking and the appliance will turn off automatically. You can also set the timer to cook for a specific time. The differences were substantial. Then, it shows the water level for 2 cups of sticky rice at water level 1 and then in parenthesis (+90ml). Some recommended products may use affiliate links. So the rice is never overcooked and you don’t have to stand near the appliance waiting for the rice to be ready. Keep warm option allows you the flexibility because you can leave the rice inside for up to 12 hours. Before you pour the rice in the inner pot, you have to rinse it. Anyway, it’s somewhat confusing. This is the Panasonic rice cooker 5 cup, so you make up to 10 cups of rice. You can throw the rice out using a spoon that is included in the box. If this Japanese brand seems familiar to you, you can see other brands in this post about the best Japanese rice cooker. Product Description; Details; Reviews 5.0 (3) 767561-Product-0-I_99f679b3-7cf2-458a-af40-841900018eed.png; Overview This simple and modern unit can produce up to 20 cups of cooked rice … The best tool for rinsing is a basket which you will also get. 5. For rinsing, you can use a steamer basket you will get in the box with this Panasonic rice cooker. One-touch easy operation with four categories ; Keep warm for up to five hours; Advanced Fuzzy Logic technology; 5.0 (3) Write a Review. What is 180ml? All information you can find on use on your own responsibility. Then you can remove the lid and taste the rice. You can cook quickly or very slowly over a period of multiple hours. Required fields are marked *. There are two timers on the control panel. Before cooking, you need to wash the rice but it’s not advisable to use a cooking bowl. But the cool thing is that you can actually make things like soup, curry, porridge, spaghetti and cake in this rice cooker. It was still edible and even enjoyable in a way, but crispy on the bottom nonetheless.

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