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Inventory is limited in some regions.]. Its the best system I’ve found, and I’ve tried a number of them! You may have seen the large, cartridge-shaped "Y filters" on drip irrigation manifolds. We now offer only the timer we've found works best.). BlueBarrel is proud to be one of the few vendors that offers no-pressure soaker hoses, specifically for rain barrels and rain tanks. Read on for a full review of their BlueBarrel installation project. Read More... Our downspout diverter automatically directs system overflow down through the existing downspout, but there’s so much more you can do with that precious excess rainwater including: transporting, infiltrating, and storing it. Four rain barrels supply the water, and gravity does the work to keep her garden beds hydrated. Rain barrel soaker hoses have a more porous wall, so that non-pressurized water can easily seep into your garden. Each hose is 50 feet long and according to the manufacturer specs, two hoses can be linked together for up to 100 linear feet of distribution by gravity feed. And you can tee off your main line to service the entire area within that 25' proximity of your stored water. Soaker hoses look like a garden hose, but they have a porous surface that allows controlled amounts of water to seep from the hose walls as water flows through. Got a dense hedge-row? So experiment and observe to see how much water your plants really need. If you're using our custom-punch bubbler emitter kit (see below), you can twist each emitter to control the flow based on individual plant-needs - this is what we recommend for ornamental gardens. Set the timer and walk away for convenient automated watering. [BlueBarrel is still fully operational. If you are irrigating from rain barrels or tanks, you should not have a cross-connection with the municipal water system. Your rain barrels are full... so now what? Copyright © 2020 BlueBarrel, LLC. Another consideration is to be sure you are using non-compensating drip line. Its streamlined shape minimizes the pressure loss in the filter itself. The lowest hanging fruit is of course a watering can. Need a deep-watering aid for your trees? But once those barrels are full, how to distribute the water to our plants through a DIY drip irrigation system? If you put it away between uses, you won't have any problem. EXPERT TIP: Always use a fine-mesh filter with any drip irrigation system to keep emitters from clogging. For gravity feed, we recommend a 100-micron Streamlined Drip Irrigation Filter. DIY Files: Flora Noble Installs a DIY Rain Barrel System. They are big and bulky and hard to miss! There are a couple of important considerations, though: Friction loss, caused by water moving along the inside of a pipe, limits the distance water will travel on a flat site. Scroll down for more video links, including a mid-season update, and a tutorial on how to program and use a no-pressure timer. We've found soaker hoses perform best in the long-term when kept fully shaded. Extra spigots are one of many customizations we offer in our Online Store. Vacuum breakers (a.k.a. With a few DIY modifications you can build a rotating, aerating, compost-making tumbler of your own. The great thing about drip irrigation is that it doesn't actually require any pressure, just water in the line. Drip irrigation is the most water-efficient way to irrigate. We've heard many stories from rainwater harvesters with a DIY drip irrigation system who set their timers and walked away proudly, only to find their rain tanks empty (and garden over-saturated!) But what if you're not home (or can't remember!) Click on Tools & Accessories to see our full menu of rain barrel and irrigation accessories, and recommended uses for each kind of emitter kit. This system of irrigation can also be used for container plants and raised beds that are growing flowers or vegetables or even herbs. Read More... We’re giving thanks with 20% Off online orders*. Absolutely not! As with a drip system, always use a fine-mesh filter with soaker hoses (available in our online store). (We used to carry a solar version of the no-pressure timer, but over time we've found these to be less reliable. Our participating barrel suppliers observe social distancing (barrel availability varies by region). Again, the lucky answer is no! This doesn't mean the system won't work. Weave a soaker hose through your garden and water will sink into the soil along the length of the hose. At this time, BlueBarrel is still able to serve you at full capacity: We send tips on rainwater harvesting and discount offers for our Online Store. Read More... Upcycle a used 55-gallon plastic barrel into a back-yard compost tumbler! If your site is completely flat, you can expect about 20 - 25 feet of distribution through a 1/2" main line. When we let gravity to the work, that part can be easy, too. (2) One of the major benefits of irrigating with rainwater is that it isn't chlorinated. A very slight slope in a favorable direction is enough to overcome quite a bit of friction loss. Our Online Store offers a variety of options for drip irrigation kits, soaker hoses, and automated timers--all designed for low-pressure or no-pressure applications like rain barrels. DIY Drip Irrigation System: Irrigate from Rain Barrels by Gravity Feed BlueBarrel's founder, Jesse Savou, demos her tried-and-true gravity-fed DIY drip irrigation system. When you start to notice the output decline, flush out the pores with a blast of pressurized water. Offer expires November 30; valid while supplies last. Luckily industry is catching up and there are now timers on the market specifically for no/low-pressure applications. So now that your rain barrels are full, how do you get that super high-quality water over to your thirsty garden? The rain barrel soaker hose offers much greater distribution than a drip line.

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