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Long story short i took my laptop to a local shop and they fixed it in 2 hours with no charge and it was something simple. Thank you for signing up to Laptop Mag. Until then, Lenovo's tech support is good only if you know how to navigate it. Believe it or not. Pressing this presented me with eight different contact options, from dialing in to chat support to submitting a service request. First of all I'm a student and I'm new to Lenovo. Worst customer service ever!! John first explained that laptop batteries drain depending on how the device is used but that there could be a problem with the battery itself. Not only that I don't receive the Laptop, they also charged my credit card more than it should be!! The call took 10 minutes and 32 seconds. Worst tech support ever, learn from microsoft. The standard consumer warranty does not cover any shipping costs for devices or materials sent to a service depot. Erica_Lenovo sent me the correct link and told me to simply choose my OS version and select Download. For some reason the shipping company can't find my address (there seems to be a problem about the receiver's or the sender's Information), although that never happened before when I bought things online and I am sure that I gave them my full address after I checked them thrice. ), but finding exactly what you're looking for can be tricky, because the search pulls up results for random laptop models, some of which are several years old. Interestingly, this upgrade also provides assistance with settings, tuning, hardware and software optimization. Non-Existent Customer Service and Sub-Par Products. New York, New this year is Legion Ultimate support for gaming laptops, including the Legion Y540, Y545 and Y740. Lenovo customer service assured me that they will take care of it. I received responses in a matter of minutes on both Twitter and Facebook, with step-by-step instructions on how to solve my problems. They have been using COVID as their "excuse" for months and months (when most companies have returned to normal) and now "bad weather" for their appalling service. From there, I searched through dozens of similar queries, but couldn't find an answer on how to check the condition of my battery (here's one way, if you were wondering). Frustratingly, nothing happened the first time I submitted a report, and it wasn't clear what I should do next. In an absolutely poor condition; they chamfered one of the corners of the screen case, full of scratches all around the case as if it was opened with a wrench (1), they sent the laptop with the battery depleted (2) and surprise surprise .... it worked 15 minutes while I was charging it again, the fan made a noise and then it shut down by itself ... and it remained dead. Even though my service at a local shop was free of charge i was happy to spend money there than to give my money to these no good non knowing techs out there. They sent me a docking station.The packing slip showed another persons name and phone number who lives on the other side of the country. When I searched for ways to update the BIOS, the third result was the most relevant. Then they assert they cannot replace again, must issue a refund. Today the package was delivered to my door... now I have to try and get the package returned and they will not be sending a shipping label for 24-48 hours. When I saw that, I called Customer service and asked for them to resend it to me, since I already payed for everything through my Credit card. A search bar features prominently at the top of the main page, above the Detect Your Product tool. I purchase a laptop less than … The overall rating of the company is 1.6 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. I didnt even download chrome which is my go to browser. You will receive a verification email shortly. This is a unique perk, because performance issues, whether frame rate drops or high ping, are usually not covered by a warranty. See business transparency Write a review Write a review Reviews 201 Write a review. I have an anti-theft on my laptop and i cant turn it off. They can not figure out the situation. Upgrading our IdeaPad P320 to Premium Care Onsite Support costs $35 for one year, $69 for two years and $109 for three years. I wish I could return it and use the $ to buy something else. However, their customer service was wretched well before COVID. Researched the issue and this supposedly was a common issue. The agent correctly went to the battery tab in the Lenovo Vantage app, where he found information about the battery's health. I seriously hope they improve it. I will leave a review on lenovo / myservice, on trustpilot and everywhere I find a review tab, maybe this way I will save other possible clients, who are informed beforehand, about the problems they're getting themselves into; after that, I will send it into their service once again, with the request to change my display cover, which is chamfered, together with the scratched case. When you load Lenovo's support site, you'll first choose the product family that your device falls into. Unfortunately, the support agent said she needed to transfer the call to Lenovo's software support center (855-271-3877). More specifically, doing so could ruin the touch screen. Read reviews and complaints about Lenovo computers, regarding pricing, product variety, maintenance support, warranties, customer service and more. I need tech support for a software issue. Support.lenovo.com is easy to navigate and has a bunch of helpful tools to get you the right answers. NY 10036. Conversely, Lenovo sends commercial customers a box with a prepaid air bill so enterprise users and businesses don't need to pay for shipping. As im sure other customer services are way superior to what I experienced. I called customer support to ensure my order was canceled before it was shipped out, they assured me it was not going to be shipped out. If they would keep you updated by email it would be nice, just let us know what the progress is!!!! I ordered a desk chair on the 10/17 and was expecting a 3-5 shipping period. Like the other enhanced warranty options, Legion Ultimate gives gamers 24/7 support and next-day on-site support. Lenovo improved this year with some helpful new tools on its website, stellar social media support and a first-of-its-kind warranty option for gamers. Receive news and offers from our other brands?

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