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Bang the infiltration tube into the ground until it forms a seal (using the wood and mallet to bang it in evenly and avoid affecting the results by stamping on the area of land being tested). Infiltration. The rate of this movement is called the infiltration rate.If rainfall intensity is greater than the infiltration rate, water will accumulate on the surface and runoff will begin. One person fills the infiltration tube to a standardised level (e.g. . See more. Infiltration rate may be defined as the meters per unit time of water entering into the soil regardless of the types or values of forces or gradients. Infiltration refers to the movement of water into the soil layer. of precipitation that falls as rain or snow. Precipitation: The greatest factor controlling infiltration is the amount and characteristics (intensity, duration, etc.) Kirkham, in Principles of Soil and Plant Water Relations (Second Edition), 2014. Infiltration capacity definition is - the rate at which a soil can absorb water. It is most often measured in meters per day but can also be measured in other units of distance over time if necessary. 13.1 Definition of Infiltration. Infiltration is the process by which water on the ground surface enters the soil.It is commonly used in both hydrology and soil sciences.The infiltration capacity is defined as the maximum rate of infiltration. Infiltration is the process by which precipitation or water soaks into subsurface soils and moves into rocks through cracks and pore spaces. 15cm). As we mentioned before, the bulk of rainwater and melted snow end up infiltrated. The key difference between infiltration and percolation is that the infiltration refers to the filtration of rainwater from the surface of the ground while percolation refers to the filtration of infiltered water through soil particles and porous materials such as fractured rocks etc. Infiltration definition, the act or process of infiltrating. The other starts the stopwatch, and then record the water level every 30 seconds. M.B.

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