how to make pepperoni

DIRECTIONS. Super homemade Pepperoni recipe that even the kids will love! The fermentation process, which uses a starter culture, is expensive and time consuming. Drying is the most difficult part because a humidity-controlled room is required. The manufacture of real, old fashion pepperoni is a tricky, time-consuming process. You can follow the recipe below, or just purchase one of our ready-made Bratwurst Seasoning mixes (scroll down to see links). Form meat into two long logs or rolls. This cured and fermented sausage is absolutely loaded with flavor and aroma.Ingredients 2kg Pork butt (fat included)1kg Beef chuck (fat included)80g Prague powder #210ml Sugar20ml Cayenne pepper30ml Paprika15ml Ani… If you’re looking for a simple, preservative-free recipe for homemade sausage that tastes a lot like How to Make Pepperoni - Spicy and Aromatic Homemade Pepperoni: Pepperoni is an all-time favorite. Homemade Pepperoni Ingredients: 7 pounds pre-frozen or certified pork butt, cubed, fat included 3 pounds lean beef chuck, round or shank, cubed 5 Tablespoons salt Combine seasonings and meat and mix thoroughly, using hands; cover and refrigerate for 48-72 hours. Many medium sized meat processors refuse to make pepperoni because of these reasons.

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