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Storage review and desk tour: Hobbyzone Modular Workshop System Posted on 14/05/2017 by Rob Knipe This post is all about storage, so if you are like I was for the best part of thirty years, you’ll look at it and go ‘Meh, I have boxes with all my stuff in, it’s fine.’ Even after years, you will be able to make your workshop larger, using new modules that will fit perfectly to your modular system. 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. Hobbyzone OM06s - Corner Paints Module 26mm - Modular Workstation system / Studio. To connect the modules simply use the magnets that are included. Buy further modules to create your perfect workspace ! The main advantage of the system is practically unlimited upgradeability. . HobbyZone is a company from Poland that offers you useful items which enable you to improve your working conditions and keep the work space clean and tidy. The Hobbyzone Modular Workshop System allows organization of the workplace tailored to your individual requirements. Saved by 宏翰社工程行 Street Design Projects For Kids Art Projects Hobby Desk Hobby Room Licht Box Video Studio Dinner Recipes For Kids Video Photography Hobbyzone Modular Workshop System. ... hobbyzone modular system hobby storage rc plane hobby workstation ← Previous; 1; 2; 3... 17; Next → Do you need help? Oct 19, 2018 - Modular Workshop System - organization of your workspace tailored to your needs. Yikko Gundam Model Pieces Shelves Tool Stand Holder Rack, Plastic Tool Drawer Storage Container for Gundam, Organizer for Model Gundam Hobby Model Making Parts, Size 11.4" 7.4" 4.7 out of … That sort of work requires paint, adhesives, brushes, small hand tools, bins to store small parts, et cetera; nearly everything that needs to be stored is small, with the largest item often being a roll of paper towels for cleanup. See more ideas about Modular, Workshop, Modular system. A Poland-based company called HobbyZone designs modular storage components for those engaged in miniature modelmaking. HobbyZone Modular Workshop – HZ-OM12 Ending Corner Shelves Module As a partner module to the above piece, this is again just a cheap simple end piece that goes alongside your paint racks.

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