functions of interactive whiteboard

The device can be used to surf the net, play videos, demonstrate presentations etc. Most of the time, whiteboard technology is accompanied by many attachments, such as a stylus pen. Success! The interactive whiteboard is designed to run all sorts of files and programs, it even supports different applications that are designed for a computer. To learn more about our use of cookies and how to set up and control your cookies, please review our cookie policy. Save a Notebook file as a .PDF file. SMART Board (Basic Functions) The SMART oard is the white projection surface under the projector labelled “Primary (iLecture)”. Files can be easily shared, accessed, edited, and saved all on the interactive whiteboard. Interactive whiteboards can be defined as large white screens which are connected to computers as well as projectors, which allows students and teachers to draw or write on the display. Interactive whiteboards are being employed more and more within the corporate as well as educational setup. It’s associated with multiple perks that can pique the interest of the target audience. Not only can you highlight a point, but you can access the hyperlink attached to a specific word. Additionally, it has been observed over a long period that teachers deal with many problems. Irvine, CA 92612 Just enter your email below to get a log in link. They are used in a variety of settings, including classrooms at all levels of education, in corporate board rooms and work groups, in training rooms for professional sports coaching This way everyone has exactly the same information and all team members are on the same page. This is a portable integrated IWB unit that operates as a … Sometimes, a user simply needs to “show” rather than “tell” what is happening, and screen sharing allows others to see it as it’s happening and be a part of troubleshooting, training, or whatever the case may be. Sign in or become a BestTechie member to join the conversation. It can either be a standalone touchscreen computer used independently to perform tasks and operations, or a connectable apparatus used as a touchpad to control computers from a projector. Their existence is not necessarily new, but recently their advantages for meetings and presentations have come to the forefront of modern business. Interactive whiteboards are being employed more and more within the corporate as well as educational setup. The primary role of a pointer is to highlight a specific word or point. Functions of interactive whiteboards. It’s beneficial for maintaining people’s focus. Meeting leaders can emphasize things in real-time—making changes to whatever topic is at hand as feedback is received from coworkers. People can use the pointer to follow the instructor, in case they miss out on something. A whiteboard is a blank page that you can use to work together with other meeting participants by being able to type notes, draw, or import images. By double-clicking, you can remove the pointer if it’s creating a disturbance during the session. Securing Your Organization from Threats for Dummies: Intrinsic Security Edition, Threat Report: Global Incident Response 2020, E-Book: Simplify and Strengthen Your Strategy with Intrinsic Security, Innovators Create the Future with a Digital Foundation Built on VMware, 3351 Michelson Drive, Suite 100 At the end of the meeting or presentation, the meeting leader can email, print, and share everything that came up in the whiteboarding session. In addition to that, you can provide information simultaneously to a significant number of people. You can make the sessions more interactive and audience-oriented with the help of whiteboards. Great! When your meeting is over, you can save the whiteboard with the data from the participants’ collaboration. Screen sharing through a laptop is a good way to get everyone on the same page. They also allow you to take screenshots. In school or college setup, a teacher must have a plan of action before beginning a session. It’s associated with multiple perks that can pique the interest of the target audience. Open a new whiteboard In the meeting window, click the Present Content button. By continuing to use this site, you are accepting the use of these cookies. Please check your inbox (or spam folder) for a log in link.

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