fender american professional jazzmaster review

Fender American Professional Jazzmaster ($1,499.00 MSRP / "street", $1,549.99 MSRP / "street" for the rosewood fingerboard-equipped version). Phil O'Keefe is a multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer / producer and the Senior Editor of Harmony Central. Fender has been using this since the American Standard stuff landed back in the 80s. But it is clear to most people that they had an incredibly fertile period. There are no distracting sharp edges to annoy you. The neck has what Fender calls a Modern "Deep C" profile. Outside of Custom Shop versions, vintage reissues and signature models, standard production American-built Jazzmasters have been out of the Fender lineup since 1980; which coincidentally was just as they were about to see a resurgence in visibility and popularity due to their use by New Wave (Elvis Costello, Ric Ocasek) and Alternative (Kevin Shields, J Mascis, Thurston Moore, Lee Renaldo, Nels Cline) musicians in the 1980s and 1990s. The truss rod is installed from the back of the neck, so there's a "skunk stripe" on the back. Instead, it saw initial popularity with Surf musicians, and later still (after it was discontinued in 1980) it became a popular choice among New Wave and Alternative players. Yes, we’ll always have a soft spot for the gloss nitro finish on old-school JMs, but there’s no denying the satin finish offers way less friction. That sizzling top-end definition coexists beautifully with dirt and delay. All rights reserved. After all, it’s the mad design quirks that make the original Jms so adorable, but not everyone wants that stuff. In fact, they're plenty bright, with a poppy sounding attack that really stands out in a busy mix. I'm a longtime fan of Fender's vintage seafoam green color, and this new color is similar, but a bit different. The three-way toggle switch for pickup selection is still here, but it's been relocated to the upper horn where the rhythm circuit would normally be found on a vintage Jazzmaster. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. The ‘Sounds’ section of this review would be way longer if the American Performer Jazzmaster  had the control layouts of its ancestor. Your competition is floundering. An American original returns in updated form. Hi-fi vibe of the big single-coil pickups. The Strat is already three years old! Most would never consider the Jazzmaster as a lead guitar, but the big frets and modern radius ’board make it as shreddable as any other guitar. I like the old JM pickups so, based on your review, I should really like the new ones. There are 22 Narrow Tall frets which are well-polished and seated. Switch reverb for slapback echo and the Jazzmaster makes a credible rockabilly machine. Unlike some of the pickups found in Jazzmasters manufactured overseas (which are really Strat pickups hidden in Jazzmaster housings), they're "real" Jazzmaster pickups, only better. The big question is: how do you follow a guitar like that? The Strat has three pickups, its wiring loom is beautifully simple and the volume and tone controls fall easily to hand. Most would never consider the Jazzmaster as a lead guitar, but the big frets and modern radius ’board make it as shreddable as any other guitar. The neck pup maintains much of that treble response, but there’s a bit more Duane Eddy-esque depth. For me, the entire reason I bought a Jazzmaster guitar originally is because it was different. The Fender American Professional Series Jazzmaster brings one of the company's favorite black sheep models in the 21st century with a complement of new I do like moving the toggle switch off the lower bout. would be one of those players who would miss the rhythm circuit but, with modern channel switching amplifiers and quality stomp boxes, it is not as much of an advantage as it used to be. These are rattle-free and result in much better sustain, and because their string slots are deeper and better defined, they also keep the strings in place much better, without the tendency for them to "pop out of place" like they sometimes do when you play a vintage Jazzmaster with a bit too much enthusiasm.

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