exercise of warrants effect on share price

First, all of these SPAC stocks have the same exercise price: $11.50 per share. Warrant price: $5. Warrant price: $5. Intrinsic Value means the difference between the common share price and the warrant Exercise Price. The strike price (sometimes called "exercise price"): $130 per share. The HYLNW warrant agreement says the following: 1). Expiration date: July 1, 2025. Expiration date: July 1, 2025. Current warrant price: $2 per warrant; Warrant exercise price: $30 per share; A warrant is profitable if the stock price exceeds the cost of the warrant plus the exercise price at expiration. Therefore, at times, an investor may come across situations where the warrants are allotted to the promoters at a price, which is higher than the market price of the shares of the company on the date of warrant’s allotment. The warrants are exercisable to purchase stock at a $1.00 per share. The strike price (sometimes called "exercise price"): $130 per share. Warrants are issued by companies, giving the holder the right but not the obligation to buy a security at a particular price. In other words, the underlying stock must have risen above $11.50 before the associated warrant price is … Currently, the stock is trading at ~75 cents per share. The exercise price in the warrant allotment is based on a formula, which takes into account the average share price of shares in the previous six months. For example, if HYLN is $30, the intrinsic value is (30-11.5) = $18.5.

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