examples of viral marketing

Of course, there were other factors involved (Heath Ledger’s death, and just how great the film looked,) but the viral campaign succeeded in creating unprecedented amounts of hype. Which viral marketing campaigns are your favorites? Instead of “…or donate a hundred bucks” it was “…AND donate” and not to just any charity, it was branded now, it was “The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”. It is important to note that, in lieu of other forms of advertising, most of the early press about the film was actually about the website. When you buy the a products, you become a participant in its meme. People became wrapped up in the mystique surrounding the film and felt like they needed to see it to find out the truth. The ad helped transform Old Spice from a brand that many people associated with their grandfathers into one that younger people felt spoke to them. The 2008 election proved how pervasive online marketing had become. The website tied into the product’s “chicken the way you want it” tagline while providing entertainment value to people who were not interested in the TenderCrisp sandwich. The video consists of computer-animated babies doing a rollerskating routine to The Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight.”. Lost was the sort of show that inspired deep analysis and discussion, so the ABC network released The Lost Experience in 2006. The website for The Blair Witch Project created an air of mystery around the film. 1. Of course, there’s an unexpected surprise that accomplishes two things—it makes the video highly share-worthy and it promotes their message without shoving it down your throat. When the film was released in 1999, social media profiles did not exist yet, nor did user-friendly video platforms like YouTube. This video deserves its status as one of the best viral marketing campaign examples because its success was a watershed moment for the entire music industry. Your email address will not be published. A couple of months before they “re-branded” the whole thing, people were simply throwing ice on their knuckle heads to avoid having to donate $100 to their “favorite” charity (not so favorite if they were trying to avoid the donation). By giving fans the opportunity to solve online mysteries related to their favorite show, ABC created a captive audience for advertising. Smirnoff- Smirnoff’s viral “Tea Partay” video was an instant hit. It needs to have a special quality that lends it to multiple viewings. 10. It depicts all four members of the band performing a complicated dance routine on moving treadmills. Rebel Growth: Online Marketing & Growth Education, Learn exactly how professionals and entrepreneurs make money online or at home, how to become financially independent and how you can get your business online with free resources and tools. Instead of paying for television commercials, the studio opted to set up and maintain a website. It is easy to forget that The Blair Witch Project was made for only a few thousand dollars and was never expected to be a major hit. Viral marketing campaigns are the natural result of the proliferation of DIY media projects and social network usage. He is passionate about creative marketing, social media and design. Attaching a brand name to a video is a great way for a company to expose itself to people who might not otherwise be interested in that brand. And you can’t argue with the results. Many viral ad campaigns have capitalized on the massive popularity of viral videos. Volvo “The Epic Split” Campaign. Unfortunately, the site wasn’t ready for the surge in traffic, and it crashed during its biggest chance to go hot. Though the website for the Subservient Chicken was targeted toward young men, people of all ages and genders visited it. The thoroughness of the website makes the movie seem more authentic as an unfinished work.

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