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Soaring routes with fantastic positioning have earned classic status. Although all the routes I climbed in Eldorado Canyon were great, this was probably the prize of the trip. Penny enjoyed the day out as much as we did. Come climbing with us in Eldorado Canyon State Park! (This photo was taken on the same day as the previous one. I had spent the first week of August climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park, and was now headed back north for a second trip to the Cirque of the Towers to climb some routes I had not climbed on my first trip that summer. The steepness, committing nature of the climbing, and tricky pro can make climbing at Eldo pretty game on. Second trip to Eldo - 3 more days of cragging. . Thousands of routes ascend the beautiful sandstone cliffs, which rise up to 700 feet in height. Viewing: 1-11 of 11. It is most easily reached by the Rincon Cutoff trail. The sandstone at Eldo is hard, more reminiscent of granite than sandstone in other areas. If there could be only great moderate climb in the universe, it would be the Bastille Crack. Just south of Boulder, Eldorado Canyon is one of the world's finest and most famous climbing areas. The third day, with the most stable (and hotter) forecast of the trip, Eric and I climbed the spectacular arête of. . First climbed by Kor and Dornan in the late 1950's, this route still has a … ), • Fremont Peak (SW Slope) & Titcomb Basin, • Dolomites 2013: Salamiturm, Tofana di Ròzes, San Pordoi, • Fire Lookout Structures in WA's Mountain Ranges, • Fasting & Keto (7-Day Fast Trip Report), • Aerial Photography MAIN PAGE (List of peaks in each Photoset), Cragging: Endless Crack P1, Mission Impossible P1, Mission Accomplished, Fascist Drill in the West, Road Kill, Living Dead, Dead Boy Direct, Pony Express Pitch 1 (1p, 5.9); Sister Morphine (1p, 5.9-); Pygmy Pony (1p, 5.9); White Lightning (1p, 10a); Funeral March (1p, 5.9-); Zap Snack (1p, 10c); Terminal Velocity (1p, 11b); Fine Line (1p, 5.9); Duh Dihedral (1p, 5.6); Chiante (2p, 5.8+); Washington Irving P1 (5.6); The Unsaid (1p, 5.9-); Break on Through (2p, 10b), Green Spur (5p, 5.9); Yellow Spur (6p, 5.9+), Calypso (1p, 5.6), Reggae (1p, 5.8), Across  the River From Butt Hair Pitch 1 (1p, 5.8), Tagger Pitch 1 (1p, 5.9), Recon (6p, 5.6), West Overhang Pitch 2 (1p, 5.7), Bastille Crack Pitches 1 & 2 (2p, 5.7+) + Outer Space (2p, 10b); Werk Supp (2p, 5.9+) + March of Dimes (1p, 10c); March of Dimes P1 (1p, 5.9); West Buttress (4p, 5.9+); Breakfast in Bed (1p, 5.8+); Sunset Boulevard (1p, 11b), Captain Beyond (4p, 10c); Perversion (3p, 5.9), Peanuts (1p, 5.9); Star Wars (2p, 5.8+); Heavy Weather (4p, 5.9). ... Boulder Area: Eldorado Canyon: The Wind Tower. Routes are between 1 and 4 pitches, and many people do 1 pitch and rap for a nice day of cragging. , which goes up a huge dihedral. The Wind Tower Click on "Routes" to subscribe to a RSS feed of all new routes added to this category. He thrilled the crowds with his high-wire walks 88 times. It is an awesome place. Thanks Tony for rope-gunning some awesome Eldo routes! The 5.11c crux is only about 10 feet above the belay. When we saw no other parties on it c decided it would make a great warm-up and allow us to get up to the two-pitch. . . When I lived in Washington, the closest good crag was two hours away, and wet for over half of the year. Find climbing areas and routes in The Wind Tower and discover photos, user reviews, and detailed route info like climbing type and grade. (. Cadillac Crag Click on "Routes" to subscribe to a RSS feed of all new routes added to this category. Waddington Aerial Photography Adventure, • Sir Donald Range Traverse (MacDonald - Avalanche - Eagle - Uto - Sir Donald - Terminal), • SQUAMISH Climbing (Angel's Crest, Borderline, Diedre, The Grand Wall, Milk Road, New Life, Parallel Passages, Rock On, Squamish Buttress, St. Vitus' Dance, Sunset Strip, Ultimate Everything, Wonderful Thing About Tiggers, and more), • The Charlatan (Our Lady of the Needles) (2017), • The Charlatan (Our Lady of the Needles) (2018), • Cardinal Pinnacle (Crack Kingdom & V8 Crack), • Evolution Traverse (13,360-Mendel-Darwin-13,332-Haeckel-Wallace-Fiske-Warlow-Huxley), • Palisade Traverse (Thunderbolt to North Palisade), • Whitney Portal 2018 (Bony Fingers & No Country For Old Men), • Cascade Volcanoes Aerial Photography Tour (winter), • Mt. The climbing is predominantly trad, yet there is relatively little crack climbing; instead, the style of the climbing is delicate face moves, steep juggy roofs, and highly technical sequences on featured rock separated by decent rests. Logan (Fremont Glacier to Banded Glacier), • Sloan Peak (SE Shelf to Corkscrew Route), • Sourdough Mtn & Stetattle Ridge (spring), "Cross-country Traverses / Multi-summit Trips / etc. 6 pitches of the most enjoyable climbing will take your breath away, especially as you begin the infamous Ruper Traverse! Eldorado Canyon is a hidden treasure right in Boulder’s backyard! My problem quickly went from having no partner to having to choose between a dozen potential partners. You know a route is popular/great when you can see the chalk marks from the ground. The 1970s were primarily a time of first free ascents, spearheaded by climbers such as Steve Wunsch, Roger Briggs, Jim Erickson, and Duncan Ferguson. Rincon Wall is a great long cliff near Cadillac Crag and the West Ridge. Thanks Stuart, Patrik, and Eric for the fun days of climbing in the Canyon. It was 582 feet in height and 632 feet across. Sign in|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, • ELDORADO CANYON Climbing (Naked Edge & other routes). Below are some photos and a list of the routes I did during my three-day introduction to Eldorado Canyon. He also walked the cable backwards on several occasions. My name is Steph Abegg. Penny, Alex's shepherd-huskey mix, and the world's best crag dog. Situated just minutes from Boulder, Colorado, Eldorado Canyon is a climbing Mecca. Climbing in Eldorado Canyon can be … I was reminded of how awesome (as well as humbling) the climbing is at Eldo. The second day, Tony introduced me to three "best of" Eldo routes: Rincon, Over the Hill, and Chockstone. An appropriate route to finish with, given the afternoon rain clouds that were developing above.... Michael leading the Robbins Traverse (5.7+ PG13) on Pitch 5 (5.9+) of. I climbed for three days in Eldorado Canyon, the first two days with climbers from Boulder (Stuart and Patrik) and the third day with Eric. New activity tailed off a bit in the 1980s, though some very good routes were established. Thanks Alex for showing me some of the classics! On June 7, 1907, he made his first walk across the canyon. A pocket made for the green-purple offset cam. You can see how the route got its name. Looking down at the parking lot at the entrance of Eldorado Canyon. Then, a few weeks later, at the very end of my climbing trip to Colorado, I managed to squeeze in one more morning at Eldo, this time with a local named Zack, who saw my last-minute mountainproject post for a partner. Tony linked P1+P2+P3 into one massive lead, part of a Green Spur P1+P2 + Rewritten P3+P4 + Rebuffat's Arete link-up, first time as part of a Green Spur P1+P2 + Rewritten P3+P4 + Rebuffat's Arete link-up; second time as part of a Great Zot + Rewritten P2-P4 (linked P2+P3) + Rebuffat's Arete link-up. Each of the routes we climbed is 2-3 pitches long according to the guidebook, but Tony-the-king-of-long-pitches had brought his 80m rope, and essentially led each route as one epic pitch (Rincon he broke into 2 pitches, but has climbed it as one in the past). I had actually met Zack a few years earlier at the Elephant's Perch in Idaho and it was cool to finally get to take him up on his offer to "climb together if I was ever passing by the Boulder area.". Terror Rescue), • Pickets - Complete N-S Traverse (Whatcom, Challenger, Fury, Outrigger), • Snowfield Slam: Snowfield, Pyramid, Pinnacle, Paul Bunyan's Stump, Colonial, • Thunder Slam: Goode, Storm King, Booker, Logan, • Mt. The first day, a 40% thundershower day, Stuart and I climbed several 1-2 pitch 5.8-5.11b routes. The entrance to Eldorado Canyon. Random Weekend Cragging Winter/Spring 2020, Where Have All the Wild Things Gone (5.11, 3p), Hi! Eldorado Canyon is a wonder of natural beauty, but it is most famous for its literally hundreds of world famous rock climbing routes. Find climbing areas and routes in Cadillac Crag and discover photos, user reviews, and detailed route info like climbing type and grade. The third day, Zack introduced me to some steep trad yet not crack-climbing classics like The Metamorphosis and Hair City. May as well use the big cam you brought for the offwidth to protect the moderately-runnout "Upper Giraffe" pitches. Shasta (Casaval Ridge & Green Butte/Sergeant's Ridge), • Cathedral Traverse: Cathedral - Eichorn Pinnacle - Echo Peaks - Echo Ridge - Cockscomb - Unicorn, • "TMC Linkup": Tenaya - Matthes Crest - Cathedral, • Five Open Books (Commitment + Selaginella), • Higher Cathedral Rock (Braille Book, 2005), • Higher Cathedral Rock (Braille Book, 2017), • Higher Cathedral Spire (Regular Route, 2007), • Higher Cathedral Spire (Regular Route, 2017), • Lower Brother (Absolutely Free & Positively 4th Street), • Reed's Pinnacle (Reed's Direct, Bongs Away, Lunatic Fringe, Stone Groove) (2018), • Royal Arches area (Serenity Crack) (2007), • Royal Arches area (Serenity-Sons) (2015), • Crestone Needle (Ellingwood Arête/Ledges), Eldorado Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Flatirons, Clear Creek, North Table, • COMBAT ROCK & HORSEHEAD ROCK & MIKEY'S ISLAND Climbing, • THE CRAGS (Golden Staircase, Wizard's Gate) & JURASSIC PARK Climbing, • MARY'S BUST Climbing (The Brown Palace), • The Black Wall (Good Evans & Road Warrior), • The Diamond (Curving Vine + Forrest Finish above Table Ledge to top), • The Diamond (Yellow Wall + Forrest Finish), • Lower East Face Longs Peak (Kor's Door), • LUMPY RIDGE Climbing (Sidetrack, Mainliner, Kor's Flake, Turnkorner, Right Dihedral, Heart of Norway, Hot Licks, Climb of Ancient Mariner, Sorcerer, White Whale, Sidewinder+Joy and Tribulation, Fantasy Ridge, Melvin's Wheel, Romulan Territory, Backflip, George's Tree, Fat City, Loose Ends + Cheap Date + Outlander, J-Crack, Femp, Twin Owls cragging), • McHenrys Peak (Dream of Babylon Burning), • Rock of Ages (Days of Heaven, Nameless Demons, Center Dihedral, Heavenly Daze, The Wasp, Greensleeves), • "A Walk in the Park" Traverse (aka "The Great Wheel"), • Estes Skyline High Route (Mummy to Meeker), • CATHEDRAL SPIRES Climbing (Wunsch's Dihedral, Center Route, Turkey Foot Crack, Gonzo's Lament, Hurt Dance, Bishop Offwidth, Bishop Crack), • TURKEY ROCKS & THUNDER RIDGE & SHEEP NOSE Climbing, • Elephant's Perch 2014 (Mountaineer's Route, Direct Beckey, Fine Line, Astro Elephant-Sunrise Book), • Elephant's Perch 2019 (Myopia, Astro Elephant), • 3 Climbs in Blodgett Canyon: Shoshone Spire, Flathead Buttress, Horsehead Arch, • The Great Awakening Wall (The Awakening Wall), • 1 Climb at Lost Horse Canyon: Mountaineers Route on Main Wall, • Cragging Calico Basin / Kraft Mtn (Couldn't be Schmooter, Winter Heat, High Class Hoe, Atman), • Cragging Mud Springs Wing (Man of the People, Once Upon a Time, The Schwa, Schwalli, Spirit Air), • Cragging Willow Springs (Black Track, Left Out, Big Foot), • Spring Break 2017: Climbing with my Sister in North Carolina, • SMITH ROCK Climbing (Monkey Face, Zion, Karate Crack, Moonshine Dihedral, Lost in Space, others), • 4 Days & 5 Climbs near Moab: Castleton, Moses, Top of the World Overlook, Three Penguins, El Segundo, • The Rectory/Nuns (Where Have All the Wild Things Gone), • Green Giant Buttress (Dreamer Direct/Urban Bypass), • INDEX TOWN WALLS Climbing (Davis-Holland+Lovin' Arms, Hell Bent For Glory, Brett Thompson and Scott Fuller Memorial Route, Tatoosh+Free at Last, Godzilla+Park Ranger, And Say, and other routes), • SNOW CREEK WALL Climbing (Outer Space, Orbit, Hyperspace, Iconoclast, Mary Jane Dihedral), • South Early Winter Spire (Southern Man), • WASHINGTON PASS Climbing (Liberty Bell, Concord, Lexington, Minuteman, NEWS, SEWS), "Scrambles / Glacier / Alpine Ice / Snowshoes", • Mt.

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