cosmic armor superman vs goku who would win

Unamped he was fighting evenly with Nix Uotan and their clash was destroying Earth-1927 and he claims to have destroyed a few universes. Just because our universe functions on solely physical laws doesn't mean they all have to. I’m sorry, but Superman from Strange Visitor series still solos. There's a relevant difference between Saitama-type no limits and Thought Robot-type ones. If Silver Surfer can beat Doomsday, then Cosmic Ghost Rider, with the added power of the Spirit Of Vengeance, would be able to as well. Mandrakk an entity capable of devouring an abstract concept like Story on a multi-universal level, and returning from his very idea being erased is certainly more complex than Goku. Which Is An Important Milestone For The Series & For Boruto! Why you such a lil bitchhhh LOL calm the fuck down faggot. “Code Geass” Series Will Announce A New Project At 8 p.m. On December 5, 2020! Vs. A robot superman … FEEL FREE TO IGNORE THIS PART, I DIDN'T MEAN FOR IT TO BE PART OF THE MAIN COMMENT), he is the embodiment of Superman. Can A Non-Black Person Create A Character Using Afro-centric Features? For a deep dive into Grant Morrison's strange obsession with dimensionality, this is a really good youtube video about it. CA Superman's narrative powers are an explicit part of his identity. The Ultimate Place For Unfiltered Opinions On Gaming, Anime, Manga, Movies, Technology & More! Similar to the cthulu mythos. If I was to compare the animation shows of both, I would say Goku is the stronger one. $1 Billion Acquisition Is Not Small Matter! Some people wouldn't know what CA Superman and the Monitors represent if they didn't read it on r/whowouldwin. Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) vs Cosmic Armor Superman. He has been wandering around the universe for a while and he has greater control of his immense energy. rsion of Superman, however there are only two supermen who could beat Goku the way people describe(The reason why there are definitely multiple versions of superman is that due to the changing authors who perceive his strength in different ways), those two supermen being Cosmic armor Superman and Strange Visitor Superman due to the performing god like feats that completely outclass … CA Superman is an infinite dimensional character who transcends Multiversal time and space. I think when they make the Goku Vs Superman movie in the year 2052, (after Disney has bought both DC and Dragon Ball franchises to add them into phase 12 of the Marvelverse) Squirrelgirl will team up with Saitama to defeat both of them with one nut. Then do reply. Here you’ll find discussion on Marvel comics, DC Comic, Indie Comics, and the Comic book industry itself! Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Superman! Ive seen LOWBALL calcs at 3,200,000x universal, Thought robot superman is an example of a character that shouldn't really be used in character battles. I Have To Say…Yeah Sadly! CGR is vastly powerful, as befits a being who is both Ghost Rider and imbued with the Power Cosmic, and his precarious mental state makes him a very dangerous opponent. Unless we assume each DC universe on average holds only 200 million stars (the real life Milky Way alone has about 100 billion), Mandrakk probably doesn't mean it literally. Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) vs Cosmic Armor Superman. Same can be said for goku, all it takes is one word to say goku 500 quintillions time faster then the speed of light in the manga. Nix Uotan was completely unphased physically when Monarch destroyed the universe of Earth-51. Newest Battles with Cosmic Armor Superman ... the more obvious it is who'll win in a fight. It best follows the neutral universe rule. He’s literally the definition of broken. If you wanna use plot devices on top of that (FOR FUN. level 2 4.Super saiyan goku vs Superman-Either one wins or tie. THE WAYLANDERS: Unique, Party-based Experience That Time Travels Between Two Distinct Eras: Celtic and Medieval. Newest Battles with ... the more obvious it is who'll win in a fight. He would lose to characters with even greater real-life heroism narratives. Akudama Drive: An Over The Top Stylistic Cyberpunk Themed Anime First Impression! I’ll get straight to the point, Superman would still beat Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. I’ve played out this battle a number of time, in different scenarios and in all of them, Superman had the advantage. Its only speculated, BUT Goku was dodging lightning as a training method since he was a child. Cosmic Ghost Rider is what happens. 2.Reguler Goku that fought radditz and vegeta vs super man -superman wins. Superman has gotten thrown off by a super nova. Team Thor vs Team Superman. I really like this because it delves into Grant Morrison's weird dimensional cosmology. Other reasons why his narrative powers make sense: It doesn't arbitrarily favor solely physical universes. It's more educational. The strongest character in all of Marvel takes on one of the stronger guys from DC. Immortal Hulk vs Cosmic Armor Superman. Goku fanbase being salty as always. Especially considering that the best feat in DBS that i remember was from Zeno and not even 22 times Universal, so apparently is Goku over 10,000 times more powerful than Zeno now and i somehow just missed that? Furthermore Zillo Valla was capable of creating a chronoparalyzer which froze time on a universal level, having universal shields isn't that much of a stretch. Granted Goku's destruction feats are far greater than Monarch's, but the point still stands, if being able to casually blow up universes was a threat to the multiverse at large Cosmic Armor Superman would've been woken up, but he wasn't. I love DBZ I love DC I love MARVEL I love all anime comics tv shows all comic book character adaptations. Goku (Ultra Instinct) vs Cosmic Armor Superman. Ultra Instinct Goku would most definitely put up a great fight and I looked forward to seeing it been animated one day by Screwattack or someone of great talent but the fact of the matter is that the stats don’t lie. He does impressive things aswell. And no, unfortunately, Jiren can’t be used as an argument that he’s like Superman. So yeah your opinion is half-assed. Both bloodlusted no holding back 1 round to the death who wins? No one will ever care if you know how much Captain America can lift, but you could actually write a thesis about narrative structure. All the comics articles straight from the daily bugle! But you can't correctly quantifiably define a fight between TR superman and goku. It is never really stated how fast either Goku or Superman.

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