compare brown rice to quinoa

Which Is Better: Quinoa, Brown Rice or Couscous? We decided to compare these three grains to see which is the healthiest option for you and your family. Bottom line: Quinoa and brown rice are both part of a healthy diet! This vs that: Brown rice or Quinoa. When comparing quinoa with brown rice, quinoa wins every time. To make a good overall decision, we looked at eight key areas: Amount of fat; Number of calories; How much protein they contain Gluten-free grains are: corn, rice, soy. Quinoa vs. Brown Rice: Nutritional Comparison. When it comes to choosing between quinoa vs rice, it's good to know they are both healthy and interchangeable nutritional substitutes for grain in your recipes. Compared to quinoa, brown rice has less protein and slightly more starch. Quinoa has a higher fiber content, a lower glycemic load, and substantially more amino acids. Find out with our latest food face-off. Is quinoa better than brown rice? While rice, whether white or brown, is a grain, quinoa is actually a seed. Brown rice and quinoa have B-complex vitamins, which rev up your metabolism by helping your body use the protein, carbohydrates, and fats you take in. Glycemic index: Quinoa has a low GI score, brown rice is medium and white rice is high. You can't go wrong by adding either brown rice or quinoa to your diet, but is one healthier than the other? The top grains for folic acid are: millet, wild rice, rye, amaranth, and oats. Nutrients: Both quinoa and rice are loaded with beneficial nutrients. White Rice: A Quick Introduction. Brown rice is also much lower in certain amino acids, such as lysine, and isn’t technically a complete protein on its own. A cup of either type of grain gives you about one-fifth of the thiamine and vitamin B-6 you need each day. (Buckwheat may contain a small amount of gluten.) The top grains for zinc (an important immune-booster) are: wild rice, rye, amaranth, oats, and quinoa. Is brown rice better than couscous? While the comparison between rice and quinoa may not be very fair, since both of them are different food items, they are often consumed similarly, and hence are weighed against each other. To compare, an equivalent amount of cooked white rice has just over 3.5 grams of protein; the same amount of brown rice has around five grams. Fat: Quinoa and rice both are low fat foods: but quinoa has double the fat vs brown rice. The top five grains for iron are: quinoa, amaranth, oats, enriched rice, millet and barley.

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