cedar lumber grades chart

Lumber grading is the process by which the pieces of wood are evaluated. This is a Canadian organization, which is important, because much of the world’s highest-quality Western Red Cedar siding is sourced from the sustainably-managed forests of British Columbia. Do you buy cedar blocks? No. The coastal forests of B.C. This grade allows limited characteristics that do not detract from serviceability. 950 B Fountain Street, Burlington WA  98233, […] Dried “Clears” have been dried (to approximately 12% moisture content) at the mill and are the most […], […] construction and finishing uses in a range of lengths, widths and thicknesses. Clear Heart – Includes only pieces with heartwood on the exposed face. There are also two other terms under appearance grade Cedar: Clear and Knotty or STK. Cedar and redwood, for example, have different grade designations than other softwoods due to the marked difference in color between heartwood and sapwood in these two woods. Lumber is a wood product, sawn and shaped from timbers of harvested trees. If you are looking for a specific extreme length (anything over 20 feet) it would custom cut and may take some time. When a rustic look is desired, Knotty, unseasoned boards are often used, which can be a real money saver over using clear Western Red […], […] these photos clear Western Red Cedar T&G with all it’s beautiful color variations add elegance to this recently completed sun […]. In Canada, we are fortunate to have forests that are capable of producing dimension lumber that is desirable for use as structural wood products. We are here Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5 pm PT. have a wide variety of lumbers such as western hemlock, Douglas fir, western red cedar, and yellow cedar. In fact, the NLGA is the only recognized rules-writing body for lumber grades and standards in Canada. Please give us a call to discuss your specific project – we’d be happy to help! Lumber Defects. Buffalo Lumber guarantees honest communication of wood appearance and performance applied to your project's priorities. The recognized authority since 1915. With such lumber, grading is done on the better side of a piece after drying and surfacing, and grades are designated by specifying the allowable size and number of defects (e.g., knotholes). This product is also is generally supplied Kiln Dried and would be ready to accept paint or stain. Our staff of Cedar Experts will be happy to discuss your individual project and make recommendations for the grade of Western Red Cedar to use, assist you with the correct amount of material to order, as well as provide you advice on installation. Sorry, we don’t do any manufacturing of cedar. Good luck! Other woods, such as western white or Idaho white pine (IWP) are graded as Supreme-IWP, Choice-IWP, and Quality-IWP. With all of this, it is easy to see why it is readily chosen over more expensive hardwoods and […], […] using our 5/4×6″ Knotty Western Red Cedar Radius Edge Decking, this fence will provide years of carefree service, while creating privacy for […], […] in many different grades, Western Red Cedar can be used to customize your home’s exterior with a wide variety of siding […], […] we were contacted by Bellingham Bay Builders to provide Full, Rough Sawn Appearance Western Red Cedar timbers for a structure they wanted to build for Camp Orkila. Most of the material will be box heart, meaning the timber is taken from the center of the Cedar tree and is less stable. Hardwoods are graded by the National Hardwood Lumber Association. Grades are … […] Half Moon Bay, CA on an exquisite custom home and are getting ready to ship out this custom milled, clear Western Red Cedar rail cap along with more cedar cladding for the […], […] we milled the 1×6 clear, vertical grain Western Red Cedar Fine Line Tongue and Groove to the specified pattern, we had a factory flood coat […], […] Knotty Western Red Cedar bevel siding has a rustic and warm appeal that is the less expensive than clear grades. I’m looking for western red cedar to be used in a 30ft span of soffit for my home. Hi, thank you for your interest in our products. D & Better Clear – This grade permits larger and more numerous natural characteristics and is used where general utility is more important than appearance. Grading designation depends on the number of defects in a board. What Different Types of Lumber Grades Mean. Northern Building Supply screens every shipment of lumber. Items may be supplied surfaced (S4S) or with a re-resawn texture. Can you recommend something? There may be over sized or missing knots, rot pockets, wane on edges and corners and loose grain. The first is the National Lumber Grades Authority. Today’s video is all about how to interpret western red cedar lumber grades. These species offer more opportunities for a wider variety of lumber sizes, final moisture content, and surface quality finishes. When properly finished and maintained, your knotty Cedar bevel siding will perform admirably for many years. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Western Red Cedar siding is available in clear and knotty grades. I would like to build an off grade home with cedar as the foundation. Clear siding gives premium quality appearance and is ideal for prestigious, upmarket applications. We are also able to offer custom milled profiles, as well as Western Red Cedar T&G in clear grades. Clear, Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar Siding, Please note, these grading standards do not apply to Western Red Cedar Fencing. Visual grading of dimension lumber. Here's a chart to help explain the grading system. I am looking for a quality grade western red cedar for deck boards. Appearance grade is primarily for non-structural lumber under 2" thick. Pieces have excellent dimensional stability and the ability to hold finishes very well. Before your next project, be sure to visit us! By its nature, wood is not of uniform consistency and therefore will contain defects that impact the appearance of the lumber that is created from the wood material, and which may impact the structural characteristics as well. Located on beautiful Orcas Island, […]. A Clear – This is a fine appearance grade that allows only slightly more growth. 2 and Better Structural – This grade is evaluated on structural characteristics, rather than appearance.

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