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I hope this helps. I love my Coretec! Another misconception is that pricing at local store is higher than big box store, that is also not true. Most shop products are between five and 8 mm thick. While less thick than WPC, they are often more durable as they are more dense which makes them better at resisting damage. I love it & my Dakota Walnut Plank looks amazing, just like the day it was installed. Budget: Know how much you can afford on a new floor. It is made in China and warrantied by a Texas company. Then go over the fine print with a magnifying glass. If you’ve tackled home improvement projects in the past, installing these floors should be a relatively easy task. A few months after installation by a very reputable and wonderful flooring company the planks starting rising on the ends. but the core is made up of a stone plastic composite. Also Floor & Decore does not want to warrant their product. For temperatures below that you need to use glue to install. First-time buyers won’t appreciate the durability or cost-savings. I am having Mohawk installed right now over existing tile and hardwood as well as the subfloor. Has anyone used either? Remember, most warranties exclude damage caused by heavy furniture or mobility devices. Floor Critics’ Recommendation: Vinyl plank flooring is an excellent choice if you do not want to spend lots of time cleaning and maintaining the floor. We’ll see how they respond. I am looking to install 800 -1000 sqft of LVP in all of my living/kitchen/laundry/bath spaces in my home (no bedrooms). What I’ve found is that the vinyl itself is waterproof. This Shaw product is made in China and I have little faith in their quality control. With lvp like this, it may replace wood floors for many people. ◊ Determine vinyl plank core that fits your needs: LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank), WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), or SPC (Stone Plastic Composite) …..I would sue Coretec, the seller and the Dog! They are prone to shifting – especially under rolling loads. It is easy to clean with a microfiber mop head & just hot water or a mild dish soap. The Floor Critics’ experts have reviewed nearly 50 brands and have experience working with many more. I assume he kept their toenails trimmed. You can add some white vinegar to the mix if your floor needs a little bit of sparkle and shine. They SAY it’s waterproof laminate. I’m looking to replace carpet with LVP and I have a Great Dane and a Lab. I’m looking at Eternity brand, Luxury Collection, WPC flooring. I am in the middle of having this installed and the installer is telling me its normal. When buying vinyl plank do your homework. Certainly! But when considering the price difference (10K vs 35K) for 1400 sq ft and how beautiful the plank is, we were willing to give it a go throughout the house. Has anyone heard of the Tesoro Luxwood collection? I was concerned that it might be too thin, like the Lowes Smartcore vinyl is. I would not buy the largo mix plus. How do you think this flooring would work in a boat? But you can accommodate all but the heaviest items of furniture if you use padding underneath the feet of the furniture pieces. Do you have an opinion on the virgin vinyl vs PVC vinyl problem? I was seriously considering replacing w-t-w carpet in my basement bonus room with this product, but am rethinking it now. Flooring is a big-ticket item. Just be aware that most of their LVP is glue down only, and you could need a new subfloor. Expect to pay between $2-$6 per square foot for Proximity Mills vinyl planks. I would suggest that you connect a few planks within the area it will be installed in and walk around. We purchased Mohawk SolidTech vinyl plank flooring for over 75% of our home’s square footage. It is not an air filter. We also like the Konecto options but they are a little more difficult to source. Be prepared for Shaw's products to cost just a bit more, but it may be worth the price. It is always better to at least have an idea of what to ask and look for. We leave the house with coverings closed across all windows – to eliminate light & reduce temperature -, and since we don’t leave the air conditioning on (way too expensive! Waterproof? The big guys focus on a few brands that make them the most money where as local flooring stores often have a better, more unique selection and tend to accommodate custom orders better than larger stores. I don’t have any personal experience, but I am considering purchasing and am researching the topic. I’m getting 2 different answers from 2 diff sales people. This flooring comes with a long guarantee – I can’t remember if it was 20 years or further. 4 years later and it’s still amazing. They are super easy to clean. Looks great, having no problems installing it myself after learning a few tricks doing one bedroom first. Hi Debra, We live in South Florida, have ceramic tile throughout the house, but have carpets in the bedrooms. If there is a wood knot or rift displayed in your LVP’s image layer (under your wear layer and finish), their manufacturing process will create a raised realistic texture over every piece of lvp. ft. I am a designer and am considering it for a beach house because of water and sand issues. I just ordered some, and you couldn’t find anything online. It IS pretty but there are unattractive features as well. I would only do an install wiht no baseshoe,if the customer had a new construction area, or had removed the trim themselves, because it often times damages the painted walls, and the trim can break, during removal. Yes, it is widely used but people looking to do upgrades to get more return on their investment generally do not go for this. If so, how is it holding up? Other brand reviews by Floor Critics: Achim, Amtico, Baroque, Beaulieu, Cali Vinyl Pro, Congoleum, Coreluxe, Duralux, Duraclic, EarthWerks, Eternity, Fusion Hybrid, Global Gem, GreenTouch WPC, Hallmark Courtier, HSC Woodland Creek, Lifeproof, NovaCore, Nuvelle WPC, Reward, Rigid Core, SFI Luxury Vinyl, Smartcore Ultra, Sono by InHaus, Stainmaster, Moduleo, MultiCore, NuCore, Tesoro, Shaw Floorte, Flooret Modin, Forbo Allura.

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