best pvp rocket launcher destiny 2

73. Before Before ... Best PvP Rocket Launcher? It falls in the high blast radius group of rocket launchers.. much like the Admonisher III, Radegast’s Fury, and the Ash Factory. The Tomorrow’s Answer is a Trials of Osiris rocket launcher. Radegast's Fury. As mentioned above, there are a few key features to look out for. The Fear. The Dreamwaker. Hezen Vengeance. I just want to hear what everyone's favourite legendaries are for rocket launchers. Admonisher. 141. 145. As you’re allowed to only equip one Exotic weapon at a time, which one to bring with you can be a difficult choice and can sometimes lead to intense debates with your Fireteam. 1428. Hard to beat the y1 classic combo of Auto Loading and Cluster Bombs still, though you could make a … The best Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons. For legendary launchers (if you really don't want to use a grenade launcher), the Sleepless / Roar of the Bear frame is the best for PvP due to high handling and massive blast radius. Destiny 2 Help Forums Posted Date. They’re fun to shoot thanks to their fire rate that’s faster than your traditional rocket launcher and have a nice twist in flavor due to the ability to direct … There are a few prime candidates when it comes to finding the best Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2. Exodus. 65. 71. Exotics are a key part of a Guardian’s loadout. Hunger of Crota. 63. Best Grenade Launchers. Rocket launchers are the best weapon in Destiny 2 for those who want to save Power ammo for a limited number of satisfyingly large damage spikes with the casual ease of a single trigger pull. Scoot over rocket launchers, it’s time to highlight Destiny 2’s other boom tube; the Grenade Launcher. Rocket launchers remain a solid choice in PvP, dealing out enormous damage very quickly, potentially killing even if you miss your shot slightly, and capable of taking down groups.

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