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In ultimate analysis, chemical determination of following elements is made by weight: Fixed and combined carbon, H, O, N, S, water and ash. Which impurities form hard scale and which impurities soft scale ? Copyright 2020 , Engineering Interview, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Multiple Choice Questions”, 600 TOP MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Interview Questions and Answers PDF. 150. If a material exhibits same mechanical properties regardless of loading direction, it is isotropic, e.g., homogeneous cast materials. 186. Why rockets using liquid hydrogen have higher specific impulse compared to liquid hydrocarbon ? (a) Prior fabrication history (b) Faulty heat treatment What is the difference between basic hole and basic shaft ? Which nuclear reactor uses water as a coolant, moderator and reflector ? Horse power of I.C. 140. Silicon increases the electrical resistivity of steel and decreases hysteresis losses. engines is more than that of gas turbine plant ? What are the principal constituents of brass? Further single tube failure does not lead to catastrophy. 74. Fibres are liable to maintain this and thus have high specific strength. c. High latent heat of vaporization. High damping capacity, with respect to vibration. Carbon also increases air-hardening tendencies and weld hardness, especially in the presence of chromium. What do you understand by critical points in iron, iron-carbide diagram ? 113. 3) Which pipes are used for steam lines? 35. What is mottled iron ? What is the difference between nuclear fission and fission chain reaction. In which process internal energy remains constant ? To modify the type of oxide film formed on the surface of the steel and thereby affect its corrosion resistance. 1. Moisture, volatile matter, fixed carbon and ash. Proof resilience is the maximum strain energy that can be stored in a material without permanent deformation. It is the temperature at which the phase change occurs in metals. Breeder reactor. Enthalpy. What is the role of silicon as alloying element in steels ? How is thermal n affected by weak and rich mixture strength ? Ferrite and it is soft. Posted on 16/03/2020 by magnaparthi 6 comments. 55. U 35, Pu 39, U 33 are fissile materials. 111. Magnesium is used to alloy with aluminium and as an additive for making SG (Spheroidal Graphite) iron. State the difference between ultimate and proximate analysis of coal ? The refrigerant should be such that vapour volume is low so that pumping work will be low. The graphite in grey irons exists in the form of flakes which act as stress-raisers under tensile loading and consequently grey irons have relatively low tensile strength and ductility. Dear MECHANICAL Engineering students, We provide Basic MECHANICAL Engineering multiple choice questions and answers with explanation & MECHANICAL objective type questions mcqs books pdf free download here. Thermal neutrons are slow neutrons (having energy below 1 eV) which are in thermal equilibrium with their surroundings. (i) rigidity What is allotrope ? A reactor plant which is designed to produce more fuel than it consumes. The maximum power is consumed at about 70% of maximum flow in case’of fan with backward blades. ? The phase and structures of alloys describe the constitution, transformations and properties of metals and alloys. Heavy water is used as a moderator. Why an increase in area is required to produce an increase of velocity in case of supersonic flow ? 110. (c) High radioactive material. 122. What do you understand by timed cylinder lubrication ? (c) combustible or ash and moisture free basis. Pistons are usually hollowed at top to (i) provide greater spa’e for combustion, (ii) increase surface for flue gases to act upon, and (iii) better distribution of stresses. Your email address will not be published. 65. 117. Why large boilers are water tube type ? What is the name of solid solution of carbon in alpha iron and delta iron ? Why water can’t be used as refrigerant for small refrigerating equipment ? Structure refers to the shape, size or the mutual arrangement of the corresponding phases in metals or alloys.

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