akg lyra vs yeti

... Blue Snowball vs Yeti . This is a strong competitor to the Blue Yeti, in that it has very similar features, from polar patterns to an in-built stand. The AKG, to Matthew's ear (read the AKG Lyra Review here for examples), sounds better than the Yeti… USB shootout - Blue Yeti Nano vs. AKG Lyra. A client needed a recommendation on which of these two to buy. Blue Yeti … No contest. A new addition, just released in late 2019, is the AKG Lyra. Thanks to its four condenser capsule array design, it can capture sound with greater focus and clarity. The Blue is far superior across the board, $50 cheaper, and the AKG … The AKG Lyra is an ultra-HD recording microphone, which includes 4 capture modes perfect for recording diverse environments. AKG Lyra. Discussion: Recording Hardware. 8. If you are looking for a USB mic, the only two options you commonly come across are Blue Yeti … Just like the AKG Lyra, the Blue Yeti X is an outstanding microphone making it perfect for ASMR audio production.

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