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How to kick the bucket and not decompose: Analyzability and idiom processing. "4 These are the two common characteristics shared by all verbs in Chinese. 0000144324 00000 n doi:10.1080/13506280544000066. Norms and comprehension times for 305 French idiomatic expressions. One might intuitively feel that there are overlaps between knowledge, familiarity, and subjective frequency, or between literality and compositionality. (2013). 0000009094 00000 n 0000115017 00000 n 0000133325 00000 n 0000014188 00000 n This indicates that SM and SV CYs are more difficult to understand through the literal meanings of their component words in than are those with the other five structures, and that SM CYs seem even more so than SV CYs. 0000010055 00000 n Li, D., Zhang, Y. 0000113776 00000 n Structure and meaning in Chinese: An ERP study of idioms. 0000154417 00000 n Behav Res 48, 1678–1693 (2016). Table E-2 Standard verbs for task titles No. Both the first and second pairs of words in a four-word CY form an SV, a VO, or an SM. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 20, 1126–1138. 0000130379 00000 n 0000006705 00000 n 0000014787 00000 n 0000141456 00000 n 0000005216 00000 n 0000157782 00000 n 0000006452 00000 n That is, compositionality and literality are not as strong predictors of a CY’s overall meaning as are knowledge, familiarity, AoA, and subjective frequency. (2013), the compositionality and AoA norms had the highest and lowest reliabilities, respectively. Normal dictionary of Chinese Chengyu with full function. By predictability, we mean the extent to which the users can complete an incomplete idiom, and by literality, we mean the degree to which the users think an idiom can be understood just through the literal meanings of its constituent words. 0000152125 00000 n 0000131880 00000 n 0000149835 00000 n Visual Cognition, 13, 789–845. 0000158989 00000 n If you like to memorize more irregular verbs in one day that’s fine too. On the compositional and noncompositional nature of idiomatic expressions. The participants’ evaluation scores for AoA and predictability both tended to remain the same for the CYs of different syntactic structures. 0000156864 00000 n H��W�n��}�W`�. The most important forms of idioms in Chinese, chengyus (CYs), have a fixed length of four Chinese characters. Liu, L., & Cheung, H. T. (2014). Caillies, S., & Butcher, K. (2007). 0000014085 00000 n Konopka, A. E., & Bock, K. (2009). You need a verb for eating, drinking, walking, reading—even breathing and living! Compositionality refers to the degree to which the users think an idiom’s overall meaning is composed of the meanings of its individual components. 0000138757 00000 n Second, the participants’ evaluation scores for literality were strongly correlated with those for compositionality, apparently contrary to the negative correlations between literality and compositionality in Libben and Titone (2008) and Bonin et al. They are from a frenquency database made by Qing Cai and Mark Brysbaert. It is even believed that norms such as those for the familiarity and compositionality of idioms could potentially be helpful for experimental studies into the cognitive mechanisms of how idiomatic expressions are represented and comprehended (see Bonin, Méot, & Bugaiska, 2013, for a review), and several reports are available in this line of research (e.g., Bonin et al., 2013; Tabossi, Arduino, & Fanari, 2011), in which the users’ knowledge, familiarity, subjective frequency, and age of acquisition (AoA) of idioms, and the idioms’ predictability, literality, and compositionality, are among the most important variables. According to Cutting and Bock (1997), an idiom has its own representation of the lexical concept as a whole, the activation of which spreads to the representations for the constituent words at the lexical–syntactic (lemma) level. This mainly suggests that SM CYs are the most difficult to decompose, and that those with a VOVO structure are the most decomposable. 0000166197 00000 n Recently, a hybrid view has begun to be well recognized; this theory assumes that idioms are both compositional and noncompositional. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. TRADOC Pamphlet 350-70-1 (24 Feb 2012) Page 1 of 28 Table E-2 lists the standard verbs for task titles. 0000009501 00000 n The overall meanings of idioms of high predictability are retrieved more quickly than those of low predictability (Cacciari & Tabossi, 1988). (2011), the participants’ evaluation scores for familiarity and knowledge were strongly correlated with those for literality, indicating that college students’ familiarity and knowledge of CYs are closely related to the literal meanings of the CYs’ constituent words. 0000173469 00000 n The subjective frequency of an idiom refers to how often users encounter it in everyday life (Bonin et al., 2013), and the AoA of an idiom is the age at which the users acquired it. For example, are four-word CYs similar to two-word CYs in their correlations between the seven features? (2009). On the basis of the interactions between the five norms and the CYs’ syntactic structures (see Fig. H�0 0000168442 00000 n We concluded that CYs with an SM composition are less likely than VOVO CYs to be decomposable, to be recognized through their constituent words, or to be familiar to, known by, or encountered by users. Psycholinguistic studies on the syntactic behavior of idioms. By descriptive norms, we mean descriptive statistics for the idioms’ features, obtained by means of objective measurements. If you prefer the PDF irregular verbs list … 0000140783 00000 n Consistent with previous studies, all of the norms yielded a high reliability, and there were strong correlations between knowledge, familiarity, subjective frequency, and age of acquisition, and between familiarity and predictability. Journal of Memory and Language, 27, 668–683. hޔ�Leǟ����J�-��i���-]J�Q,��l��96c���`�p��mұ*L'�V2�E�?c�P�� �3��8��3��\��k����=�����~��y޻�Z �@ ��,��@��S&]���R1�����&.�۽a}����b_��Tk���!_�1�:[v�:�ޑl�LwI�DI�&����S(�$��~(l�}���Uo����������8���vx��%��jȻX}��awr\�d;D�9:5�o/�����g�8���ŷ=V1�T�J����췏�M���^�9�VUt��^��5�6�,�u1�e��9kn-~�ԙ{"��WZSUm����2�W�271��Yq��&8��tT!9��MV؟�Fh��j�������u=ŗ�9O��ق����� xJMA6[�1|�����%�7�;��>z��}���������`~�`ӣ}�� Applied PsychoLinguistics, 13, 131–146. 0000167092 00000 n 0000144782 00000 n doi:10.1016/j.jml.2004.02.001, Article  0000156711 00000 n Theoretical differences could be made available between two- and four-word CYs, and comparisons could also be made between two-word CYs with different structures and between four-word CYs with different structures, regarding how the connections are mediated between the conceptual representations for idioms as wholes and those for the constituent words. 0000153349 00000 n Cognitive Psychology, 21, 100–138. 0000006741 00000 n CYs with an SMSM structure are also less likely than VOVO CYs to be decomposable or to be known or encountered by users. The influence of age of acquisition in word reading and other tasks: A never ending story? If you don’t have time to read this post now, just download 20 Practical Chinese Verbs You Need to Learn and read it later!. 0000143560 00000 n - 1) that familiarity is different from subjective frequency and that literality cannot be taken as being the same as compositionality. As in Titone and Connine (1994a) and Tabossi et al. Part of Springer Nature. 0000145708 00000 n

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